Random Musings

Anonymity and Social Media: The Creative’s Bane

Hey there, lovelies. Last weekend, I posted on my social media accounts about how I feel in regards to the new abortions laws my country is attempting to pass; how I consider them abysmal, inhumane, absurd and as a blatant and obvious example of the government's desire and need to control women. The responses I… Continue reading Anonymity and Social Media: The Creative’s Bane

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday: Yet-To-Happen Book-to-Screen Adaptations to Rival Game of Thrones

Welcome back to Top Ten Tuesday! Once hosted by The Broke and The Bookish, it is now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. It's a weekly book feature where a topical list-prompt is posted and readers respond with their top ten for that prompt. Yours truly tends to go over ten, but hey, what can a… Continue reading Top Ten Tuesday: Yet-To-Happen Book-to-Screen Adaptations to Rival Game of Thrones

Video Game Reviews

The Gamer Tag

Hello, lovelies! I saw the other day that Hannie over at The Hannie Corner did a tag all about gaming and she opened up the tag to anyone who wanted to do it, too. Because we all know how much of a gamer I am, I couldn't resist trying my hand at this, as well!… Continue reading The Gamer Tag

Questing Series

Quest for Balance: Week Nineteen

Hello, lovelies! It feels like it's been a hot minute, even though I only missed one week of blogging. But, when someone tells you that you're going to actually need some recovery time from after getting your wisdom teeth removed, you should totally believe them. Because oof, that was rough. But, in more exciting news,… Continue reading Quest for Balance: Week Nineteen

Book Review, SPFBO

Aching God: SPFBO Finalist

Title: Aching God Author: Mike Shel Rating: 5 out of 10 (NOT OFFICIAL SCORE; TSWI SCORE ONLY) Blurb: “Closer, mortal. You are here, finally, to feed the Aching God…” The days of adventure are passed for Auric Manteo. Retired to the countryside with his scars and riches, he no longer delves into forbidden ruins seeking… Continue reading Aching God: SPFBO Finalist

Book Review

Children of Time

Title: Children of Time Author: Adrian Tchaikovsky Publisher: 2018, Orbit Blurb: A race for survival among the stars... Humanity's last survivors escaped earth's ruins to find a new home. But when they find it, can their desperation overcome its dangers? WHO WILL INHERIT THIS NEW EARTH? The last remnants of the human race left a dying… Continue reading Children of Time

Bookish Breakdown

Bookish Breakdown No. 4: April 2019

Hello, lovelies! I don't always want to start off these monthly wrap-up posts by describing how quickly the month has flown by...but honestly, April just FLEW by and I am struggling with the fact that we are already in the fifth month of 2019. May is a weird in-between month for me, as we officially begin the… Continue reading Bookish Breakdown No. 4: April 2019