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The Simple Things

So, just moved back into the college dorms, starting up 12-hour days of Resident Assistant training. Trying to write my first stories for the newspaper and balance those two jobs while transitioning to living alone again (and getting used to living in an empty hallway for a whole week — talk about the perfect setting for a horror film!). So say hello to less sleep and a little more stress as I enter back into reality, away from the blissful warmth that was summer. But, nothing can ruin my excitement as I am about to start a new novella that I got in the mail the other day.

Now, lemme just tell you that I was as giddy as a five year old at Christmas when my package for this book FINALLY came in the mail! I ordered this book (I call it a novella for it is only 94 pages long) back in May and didn’t recieve it until the first week of August. I had become worried that it was lost in the mail and I would never recieve it, so needless to say, I was very excitedly and pleasantly surprised when it arrived! It’s called Drawing Out the Dragons: A Meditation on Art, Destiny, and the Power of Choice by James A. Owen. Mr. Owen is one of my favorite authors, who has another series about dragons and adventurers that I would highly recommend (The Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica) and that I’ll probably do a proper review over sometime in September, for the sixth installment — Dragon’s of Winter is due August 28th. *squee*

Mr. Owen is not only an author and an artist, but he is also a motivational speaker. He goes to different schools across the country and gives motivational speeches about self-esteem, following your dreams, having goals and believing in yourself. Ya know, all the cheesy stuff. But just because it is cheesy doesn’t make it any less real, or any less important. Unfortunately, I have never been able to attend one of these speeches myself; many others sit in the same boat as me, missing out on that side of a pretty amazing author. So, he decided to write about some of the information from his presentations into a book and WAH-LA! — the birth of Drawing out the Dragons. But that is not what I was so excited about (though I am pumped to read it and see what I can learn from it!). I opened the book after first receiving it, glancing through the beginning pages to just get a feel for it before I discovered something outta place.

An inscription, scrawled with pale green ink amongst the black printed words. It was only six words, forming a dedication with two and a sentence with four. And it was that description that really made my heart glow and stop all in the same moment. It simply read:

“For Nicole — I believe in you.”

That’s it. Six words from a complete stranger, a man I have never met and probably never will. And in the back of my head, I knew that he probably signed all his books that way, but I didn’t think of it in that manner. All I could think about was how a complete stranger had the courage to tell me he believed in me; believed in my hopes, my dreams, my aspirations, my ideas. And it blew my mind that a simple statement could mean so much; how it could be so encouraging. It got me pumped to start this book, which I plan to do tonight! I really cannot wait to see what else I learn from it. And it made me realize how important something appearing so insignificant could actually be. It only took four simple words to help raise my confidence and renew my excitement of going after my dream of being an author. Imagine how much you could inspire someone or help someone if you just took the time to say it; if you took the time to act. There is a possibility to say so much while actually saying so little — never underestimate the power of  your words!



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