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Resolutions: An Update

Hello friends,

So, it has been a couple weeks since I wrote a post. I have a couple swimming up in my head, but unfortunately I am still trying to learn how to balance my time and adjust to my new schedule this semester. But finally, I can take a breath and actually write something down. I will try to make this one a rather quick post and I could think of nothing more apt than updating anyone who is interested on how I am doing on my resolutions for the year, as the month of January has all but practically left us behind, February lingering just on the horizon (and bringing its stupid cold weather with it, unfortunately).

I reread my blog post with my resolutions. And I am proud to announce that overall, I am doing alright! Not 100%, but I’m definitely not failing either.

First Resolution: Being Healthier. As this is my biggest goal — or perhaps, the goal I want most to achieve — I am so stoked to say that I have survived the first two weeks of my ten week workout plan (as I started on Monday, the 19th, after I got back from a conference) and I haven’t missed a day yet! But, have there been days when I decided to get up at 9 instead of 8? Yes, multiple. Have there been days when my heart just wasn’t it and though I worked out, I didn’t go as hard as I could? Of course there were. But there have also been days when I noticed that I was doing the advanced move, when only a few workouts earlier, I was struggling through the modifier move. And there have been days when I walked around so sore, I couldn’t help but grin, because it meant I was working hard. And my room constantly smells like sweat and I should prolly mop my floor before I move back out. But I’m doing it. I’m getting up early — something I loathe — and I am working out. I “X” out the date on my calendar after I work out for the day and I am proud to say the last two weeks of January, there isn’t an “X” missing. 1/5 of the way done and I already feel great! Since I don’t have a scale, I can’t measure if I have lost any weight or not, but I am stoked for what I have accomplished already, and will check my weight progress the next time I go home. Also bring in the fact that I haven’t drank any soda in 2015 and I am starting to crave water, and I think I am on a good track! However, I can still improve. I can try to do more of the advanced moves instead of settling on the modifiers (especially during ab day). Food wise, I need to continue to work on watching what I am eating, and make healthier choices. But progress is happening and it’s an awesome feeling.

Second Resolution: Write More. Unfortunately, this one I definitely need to work on. I have written in my journal almost every night, which is pretty cool! And I have written two book reviews so far, which has been awesome. Yet I have barely touched my own creative works, as I am already drowning in homework and have a pretty decent workload with my internship, as well. Time is just something I need to budget better. But, I have already been really productive tonight with homework, and I still have the rest of the weekend. My goal is to have a truly productive weekend, so I can really get some good writing in next week. I am reading through the first book one more time (as if the previous dozen times haven’t been enough — and I say that sarcastically, but in reality, they aren’t. I’m still finding mistakes and changing things. And the brutal, honest truth is, no matter how many times I read through it, it will never be enough) and then I am so excited to finally start editing book two! I wrote the second book through once, but haven’t glanced at it since. So I am excited to get back and working on that again. And for this blog, considering this is only my second post this month, obviously I need to step up my game for this, too. Perhaps I will pick one night a week where I will block off an hour to write a blog? I dunno, it’s a thought.

Third Resolution: Read More. If reading articles and essays for school counted, I would be 1,000 times above the limit on this. I also haven’t read as consistently as my goal is (30 minutes every day, at least, for fun), but I have read more in general, even though I have only finished two books. But I started the next one, reading during breakfast this morning, during my break at the library, and on the bus today. So while I need to work towards that, as well, I think now that I have a handle on my course load, I can better incorporate reading.

So yeah, not doing too shabby. Still really positive about it, even though I know it is only going to get harder as the semester goes on. But I plan to keep you guys updated along the way. Thank you to anyone who has offered any sort of encouragement or who has checked on me (you guys are the best!). Please, continue to do so, if you don’t mind! You don’t realize how much it helps. Until next time, good luck with your own goals! Feel free to tell me what they are in the comments below and I will try and hold you accountable, as well! 🙂



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