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Vision Over Mind: You Got This

Okay, so I’m currently sitting in front of my laptop. My fingers are shaky, I can hardly breathe (breathing in labored breaths, deep inhales and glorious exhales) and I am so sweaty my hair looks like I just got out of the shower, and my skin is glistening like a tanned Greek goddess shimmers naturally. I just finished my workout. I’m doing Shawn T’s T-25 ten week plan. It’s been part of my New Year’s Resolution. I want to get fit and love my body, and this workout routine was my idea of how to start doing so. It has had it’s up and downs, but here is a very quick update on how it is going (because I really need a shower…).

I haven’t missed a day. I just finished Day 3 of Week SIX (this is a huge accomplishment for me, people; seriously, it’s fantastic). The workout is split into two parts: the first one, Alpha, is the first five weeks, which builds your foundation. The second part (and second set of five weeks) is Beta, which was said to be significantly harder than the first part.

They weren’t lying.

Yesterday, I started Beta. And the workout wasn’t too bad. But today was Speed 2.0. I loved Speed 1.0 because it incorporated stretches and cardio and HIT movements. It was great. Speed 2.0 was non-stop cardio, for 25 minutes. It was two levels of roughly 5-8 moves. You completed each level three times, doing three rounds, so to speak. Then, in the final ten minutes, you did speed rounds incorporating all the moves from both levels. You did all of this without a break.

And I kept up.

I’m not trying to brag or anything, but this is huge. There have been plenty of days throughout this journey when I couldn’t keep up, even though my body is physically able to. I’ve given up mentally, so some days, even though I completed the workout, it didn’t do anything for me. Last time I checked, I’ve lost 6 pounds. Considering my goal is in the 30-40 pound weight loss range, that doesn’t seem like a lot, but it is something I’m still proud of. But, considering I’m already in Week 6 and my body still hasn’t changed drastically has gotten me down in the dumps a bit. My core is still weaker than ever and my muffin top is holding on strong. My food intake is the next demon I need to conquer. So there has been multiple days where I have questioned whether or not what I’m doing is worth it.

But right now, I’m sitting here, writing this. My breathing is almost back to a normal rate, although I still occasionally let out a deep breath of just sheer accomplishment. My hair is sweat-matted to my face. My clothes are soaked. I can already feel myself getting sore. And I feel fantastic. I feel fitter than I have felt in a long time. I kept up in the hardest workout I’ve ever done, because I was stubborn and wanted to. I wanted to prove to myself that I could, so I did. And it feels amazing. I feel accomplished, I feel fit, I feel strong, I feel proud, of myself. That workout that I did? Yeah, there is no way I could have done that six weeks ago. Absolutely no way. That’s progress. And yeah, my muffin top still loves me as much as I hate it. But my calves are stronger. My shoulders are rocks (seriously, there are almost scary-ripped). My arms are becoming leaner. My quads are amazing. So the part of my body that I want to change the most has changed the least? I’ve built up this body for 22 years. Six weeks, although an amazing accomplishment, isn’t going to change it the way I want it to be changed. I’m looking at a one, two, maybe even three year journey to achieve my goals and fitness level that I want. And you know what?

That’s totally okay.

Results can’t be instant, no matter what our society tells us. Through hard work and overcoming my mental weaknesses, I will change my body. As I wrote above, there are already changes happening, if I would just look and notice them. And one day, the world will notice them, too. And it’ll be an amazing accomplishment.

Mainly, what I want to drive home is that sometimes, your goals are going to take time. Time and hard work and dedication. And some days, you’re not going to do as well as you hoped. And others, like today, you’re going to kill it so hard that you can’t help but grin afterwards and just feel proud of yourself. Learn from the days you fall short and remember the days you hit a home run. Keep your vision in sight and never lose it. Don’t give in to the demons trying to stop you, most particularly, the voice inside your head that is telling you you can’t do it. Never give into it. Don’t quit. You got this. Keep going!!!

I believe in you!

But now, I really need a shower.



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