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Patience is a…Reward?

Out of all the famous and clichéd phrases, one that I live the most by (or the one I think about most often) is "Patience is a Virtue." My Aunt taught it to me when I was a young, impatient thing while we were at the bookstore and I just wanted the next book in… Continue reading Patience is a…Reward?

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Catch-22: My Life Edition

My last "life-update" blog post consisted of my announcement that I was dropping out of grad school, moving back home and trying to change life paths by entering the job market. It was a tough decision that I have stood by, but questioned constantly as I think about where I could have been had I stayed (trust… Continue reading Catch-22: My Life Edition

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Swapping Perspectives

If you think getting rejected is hard, how hard must it be to be in a profession where you reject people constantly? I mean, honestly, when phrasing it like that so bluntly, it is hard to not recognize how difficult lives of agents and editors and publishers and publishing houses must be. Of course, I'd… Continue reading Swapping Perspectives

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Luck and Research

After my experience with the #PitchtoPublication contest, I firmly believe that breaking into the writing industry takes a perfect mixture of hard work, ruthless editing and a bit of talent. But not only that, but you need a damn good amount of luck, because the industry's foundation is built upon perception and/or interpretation. In the… Continue reading Luck and Research

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Crafting the Creative Mentality

Who would have thought that entering into a Twitter contest would result in a multiple of realizations that turn into blog posts? And perhaps this latest "realization" isn't so revolutionary, but it did sort of sadden me, while at the same time, gave me a newfound mission as a writer: Support other writers. Or, I… Continue reading Crafting the Creative Mentality

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Pitching Problems…

...and no, unfortunately, this has nothing to do with baseball (though baseball season is almost officially here *soft squee*). It actually has everything to do with writing and the devilish process that is pitching a manuscript and searching for representation. I've went through a few rounds of querying, as I've mentioned before on the blog.… Continue reading Pitching Problems…

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Profession of Rejection

I think you could label choosing to be a writer as a career as embarking on a profession of rejection. (It is just such a catchy phrase, I kind of love it). And what I mean by that is exactly what is says: when you commit to writing, you're also committing to being rejected. A lot.… Continue reading Profession of Rejection