The Last Wish

I had been wanting to play the latest installment of the Witcher franchise for quite some time. When Witcher III: The Wild Hunt came out, it looked awesome. The graphics seemed beautiful, the world appeared vibrant and even knowing hardly anything about the series at all, I still wanted to play it. I hadn't played either of the first two… Continue reading The Last Wish

Random Musings

Inspiration from a Bastard Named Kip

Well, how's that for a catchy title, eh? Eh? So I believe in my review of The Broken Eye I posted a few weeks ago, I made a reference about writing a post about how a certain character inspired me and how I hoped to "use" him as motivation. That character is Kip Guile. You might have… Continue reading Inspiration from a Bastard Named Kip

Random Musings

Lessening My Social Media Intake

I've recently made the decision to switch phone companies, to cut my bill in half and minimize expenses as much as I can. I also got a new phone, which meant it was time to re-download the apps, put in all the contacts and generally get it in functioning order. It also allowed me, as I compared… Continue reading Lessening My Social Media Intake

Writing Posts


Whoa, I think that's the first all-caps title I've ever had. It's a bit overwhelming, but it captures my emotions pretty well, so I'm keeping it. A few minutes ago, I finally finished a full rough draft of my current work-in-progress, which as been tentatively titled THE RESISTANCE. It's the work-in-progress I've been referring throughout the past few… Continue reading GUYS, I’VE WRITTEN FOUR BOOKS

Writing Posts

Second Chances: Querying Edition

So I'm nearing the end of the current book I'm working on. I have two major scenes left to write, plus three new chapters I want to go back and incorporate before I let the novel breathe, hopefully returning to edit it around August/September. I went on a writing binge today and was super excited… Continue reading Second Chances: Querying Edition