Steal My Heart While Protecting My Brains

Though I've never actual read Pride and Prejudice--I know, *le gasp*--it is one of my favorite cinematic romantic stories. I always applaud the rendition starting Colin Firth, but I am particularly partial to Keira Knightley's and Matthew MacFadyen's take. When Pride and Prejudice and Zombies was announced, I was quite excited for it. I had already fallen in… Continue reading Steal My Heart While Protecting My Brains


Why Everyone Should Go Watch Zootopia, Right Now

I'm a sucker for animated films and I don't think I can accurately express my love for Zootopia in particular (but, here's the attempt). It's hard for me to narrow down a list of my all-time "top" favorites, but I know Zootopia is definitely one of them. I went to see it in the theatres with my brother and… Continue reading Why Everyone Should Go Watch Zootopia, Right Now


How a Lady Weds a Rogue

I usually devour romance books. Averaging around 400ish pages, they are easy to read in one sitting, with their soft prose and predictable, general plotlines: soon-to-be-couple meets, they either immediately like each other or immediately hate one another, then they fall in love, they get busy, they get angry after not being honest with one another,… Continue reading How a Lady Weds a Rogue

Video Games

Make My Gamer’s Heart Accelerate

I'm a gamer. Many of my friends know this and have to deal with my rantings and ramblings concerning whatever current game I'm playing. I usually talk about it as if it were real life, because to me, it usually feels that way. I wouldn't call myself a "serious" gamer. I haven't played all of… Continue reading Make My Gamer’s Heart Accelerate

Random Musings

Measuring Worth, Recreating Mindsets and Dealing with Desire

Y'all ready for a personal post? Brilliant. I'm sure I've shared snippets of this in previous blog posts, so feel free to peruse and search to your hearts content if you want to know more (also, apologies for beating a dead horse) but recently, I've been struggling with body image and how that translates regarding… Continue reading Measuring Worth, Recreating Mindsets and Dealing with Desire


In the Highlander’s Bed

Last night, I got home around 11:00pm and was planning to get up around 8am, to take my dog Shadow for a walk before getting ready for work. After talking with the 'rents and prepping for bed, it reached 11:30pm and I knew I should turn off the light and go to bed. I knew… Continue reading In the Highlander’s Bed