How a Lady Weds a Rogue

I usually devour romance books. Averaging¬†around 400ish pages, they are easy to read in one sitting, with their soft prose and predictable, general plotlines: soon-to-be-couple meets, they either immediately like each other or immediately hate one another, then they fall in love, they get busy, they get angry after not being honest with one another,… Continue reading How a Lady Weds a Rogue

Video Games

Make My Gamer’s Heart Accelerate

I'm a gamer. Many of my friends know this and have to deal with my rantings and ramblings concerning whatever current game I'm playing. I usually talk about it as if it were real life, because to me, it usually feels that way. I wouldn't call myself a "serious" gamer. I haven't played all of… Continue reading Make My Gamer’s Heart Accelerate