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Make My Gamer’s Heart Accelerate

I’m a gamer. Many of my friends know this and have to deal with my rantings and ramblings concerning whatever current game I’m playing. I usually talk about it as if it were real life, because to me, it usually feels that way. I wouldn’t call myself a “serious” gamer. I haven’t played all of the “name games,” as I pretty much gravitate towards third-person, open-world exploration games with fantastic worldbuilding,  passionate characters and a wide range of methods to kill people (that sounds more sadistic than I mean…). I don’t know all the lingo or have a bunch of friends who game alongside me. Truly, it is a hobby that, over the past few years, has turned into a passion and has pretty much replaced watching TV or movies. If I’m not writing or reading, I’m gaming. So while I may not be so hardcore to be labeled “serious”, the games I do choose to play, I am very passionate about and dedicated to.

That said, after scoping around for hints presented at E3, a conference where all the biggest news surrounding the gaming industry and future games is dropped, I think I might be transitioning to becoming a more intense gamer. Because oh my goodness, do these upcoming games have me salivating and wishing I could fast forward time. Below are just a few of the games that have me waving my wallet around and strategically planning how I’m going to budget my vacation time at work.

Mass Effect: Andromeda

This game is, by far, what I am most excited about. BioWare is my company. They understand exactly what I want from a game and know how to deliver, usually surpassing my expectations. I started out playing Dragon Age and quickly became obsessed with the intense worldbuilding, the amazing range of characters that won my loyalty and hatred; plus not only did you get to have romances–an unbeknownst possible element within games that has now become a major priority on my wish list–but it was fantasy, I could kill people with swords and I loved customizing my Dalish Elves.

When I discovered BioWare also created the Mass Effect trilogy, I was curious but I didn’t immediately jump onto the bandwagon. It involved guns and space and futuristic elements that normally weren’t in my repertoire when searching for games. I’ve been more of a fantasy girl than science fiction, which is why Dragon Age was perfect. But eventually, I caved and bought a bundle with all three Mass Effect games for PS3.

Over the course of the semester, I beat all three of them and became more invested than I ever imagined possible. It quickly became one of my favorite game franchises of all time. I had never cried so hard because of the outcome of a video game. I ranted about it here. Despite jumping on the bandwagon late, I quickly moved to the helm of the Mass Effect: Andromeda ship, ready and eager for the game to come out so I could return to the world of space exploration, amazing alien races that caused me to care about them more than some actual human beings I know (I wish I was kidding) and forcing myself to relearn how to aim and shoot a gun without dying so often I have to rage-quit.

We don’t know too much about the game, at this moment, as its release has been delayed until 2017. I’m totally okay with that. I want the BioWare team to spend as much time as they need to make this game absolutely perfect. We do know that this game takes place well after the time of Commander Shepard, the character you play as in the first three games of Mass Effect. In the latest trailer (watch only if you want chills), we see some of the behind-the-scenes making of the game, learn our new ship is called “The Tempest” and see hidden clues and gems that don’t reveal too much, but just enough to make my skin protrude goosebumps as I can’t sit still in my chair. The graphics look breath-taking. I am already familiar with some lore and I can’t wait to see how the world has changed as time as passed. I can’t wait to meet our new hero and learn about her (I always play as a female character, if I have the option). And I can’t wait to get my romance on. Which, speaking of, I’m so excited BioWare decided to up the romance factor in Andromeda. That was one of my major disappointments in Shepard’s trilogy, so I’m excited to see what they have in store in that realm.

So watch out when this game comes out, RL friends. You either won’t be seeing me much or, when you do, you’ll have to deal with my babbling about what is going on on Andromeda.

Remastered Skyrim

I won’t lie: I was hoping for an announcement for Elder Scrolls VI. Rumor is, a new Elder Scrolls is released every five years and considering Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim came out in 2011…well, I’ll just leave that thought there. But I am not, in any sense of the word, complaining about getting a remastered version of Skyrim for the PS4. Not only will the graphics have improved, but there is talk about being able to do mods on a console.

Let me repeat, for those gamers out there who aren’t as hardcore like me but still know the gravity of that statement: mods on a console. 

One of the things that makes me wish I was willing to bite the bullet and play games on a PC is the ability to implement mods. The fact that Bethesda has already started implementing mods on consoles for Fallout 4 and is going to do the same for the remastered Skyrim, I’m not going to lie and say that I haven’t been freaking out on the inside. And on the outside.

Skyrim is my comfort game. I’ve had three playthroughs and I love how I always discover something new in each one. I love the comfort I feel with my music plays, my stubborn loyalty to Lydia and the Companions, my pride as a Nord, my arousal regarding Daedric armor. I love how the game is pretty much endless and I love the chance to be able to play it on the PS4; almost as much as I love the fact that it is being released on Oct. 28th of this year. Six days before my birthday (‘rents, I’m looking at you *nudge*).

This holiday season, if you need me, Lydia and I will be saving Skyrim. Perhaps this time, we might even beat the main quest. *shrugs*

For Honor

For Honor is a game I heard about ages ago (it feels like) and actually sort of forgot about, despite the fact that when I initially heard about it, I thought it looked absolutely rad. Plus, my brother seemed stoked about it (and he’s what I compare myself to when I say I’m not a serious gamer; he is). Considering we don’t have a ton of shared games between us, him a PC man and me a console girl, that excited me to.

And, honestly, I still don’t know too much about it. I know it has a premise regarding a battle between ninjas, vikings and knights. Quite frankly, paired with the amazing graphics (is it obvious I’m quite the sucker for beautiful graphics?) and the absolutely chill-inducing story campaign trailer, I don’t need to know any more. My excitement has been rekindled and now that a release date has been announced (Valentine’s Day), my countdown and my stress on trying to decide which faction to align myself with can begin.

Future boyfriend, if you love me, this is the gift to get on Feb. 14th (plus, letting us have a short dinner-date so we can spent all night playing this). If still single, this is the gift I’ll be buying myself. Nice to have V-Day plans already figured out so many months in advance, huh?

Horizon Zero Dawn 

This game was brought to my attention by a friend and as if opening the flood gates, since seeing the trailer a few weeks ago, I am hearing about it everywhere. And rightly so. This game looks epic in every proportion. Again, I haven’t done too much research on what it is about, the premise, the gameplay…anything. One look at the stills, a few views of the announcement trailer and I am hooked. I don’t plan to look into anything about it at all. I’ve already decided to buy it and try it out once it comes out and let everything else be a surprise. I mean, mixing supposed-primitive natives with giant-robotic-animal-machines? Sign me up.


My current addiction is Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt. Still haven’t beat it, so don’t spoil it. One of my now favorite aspect of the game–which I hated at the beginning, because I sucked at it–is gwent, a card game you can play within it. Immediately after building a deck decent enough and learning the rules well enough to make me a decent player, I started looking online to see if there were physical gwent decks for purchase. I wanted to play it with my non-gamer friends, too. That’s how much fun gwent became to me.

Then they announced a stand-alone gwent card game to be released for console and PC.

At that moment, paired with everything else I have mentioned above and leaving out other notable games that have piqued my interested (most notably No Man’s Sky), I pretty much passed out and knew that my life as a “sorta-casual, sorta-passionate” gamer was coming to at end. The new era of becoming a “serious” gamer is about to begin.

RL friends and family, it was very nice knowing you. And I’m sorry. Just wanted to get that out there, before this all truly gets underway. Now, the wait begins, the anticipation builds and my savings needs to get considerably bulked up, as its depletion is on the horizon.



4 thoughts on “Make My Gamer’s Heart Accelerate”

  1. * insert fangirl squeaking * Witcher 3 is AMAZING.

    (I’m sorry I’m spamming your blog with comments, I was away the past few weeks and I’m catching up on your posts!)

    I’m the same, except for the Assassin’s Creed games and some old PS1 games, I never played regularly, but now after the Witcher – I’m hooked! I really want to play Dragon Age and Skyrim next.

    1. Oh gosh, don’t apologize! I was so excited to get on WordPress and see so many comments. ❤ 😀 I love comments!
      I just beat Witcher…last week? Two weeks ago? I need to do a review…and splurge on the DLCs here real soon. It is SO GOOD. I also started playing AC last semester and didn't beat it, but got very close. I enjoyed it and plan on beating it and playing the second one soon!! Stoked for the film.
      OHMYGOSH, DRAGON AGE. I could rant and gush about that game so much. It is one of my tops. Also, Mass Effect will destroy your soul in the best way possible. And Skyrim…I mean, it's Skyrim. It's brilliant.
      Always love to meet a follow gamer. ❤

      1. Ooh yes would love to read your review of Witcher! As soon as I beat it I immediately wanted to start over again. The whole game is just stunning. I’ve never gotten so attached to video game characters before. (The books are amazing as well!) I’m saving up for the DLCs too, Blood & Wine looks incredible.

        I never finished AC1…someday I’ll go back to it. AC2 and Black Flag are my favorites! And yes I’m also stoked for the film 😀

        Ok I’m definitely also saving up for Dragon Age…and Mass Effect…and Skyrim. So many games, so little time 🙂

      2. I plan to write it…eventually! 😛 Just another thing to add to the To-Do list! I know, I definitely want to do another play through now that I understand the game more and see how it changes, if it does. I’ve read the first book (reviewed it on my book review blog!) and really enjoyed it. I cannot wait for the film! And I’m *really* hoping that between that film and Warcraft, the industry realizes that there is some bomb film material in the gaming industry that they need to pick up *right now*.
        I KNOW. It’s so hard to keep up. I always joke that I want to make it as an author full-time so I actually can be a gamer full-time (sad part is, I’m not sure how much I’m kidding when I say I’m joking). 😛

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