Warlock Holmes: A Study in Brimstone

So, first things first: stop reading this review and go read Warlock Holmes: A Study in Brimstone. Seriously, I really appreciate you stopping by. I am so grateful for my readers and love that you're reading my words right now, but my words aren't what you should be reading. Now, G.S. Denning's words? The author of… Continue reading Warlock Holmes: A Study in Brimstone

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You Can’t Please Everyone

This realization, in relation to my writing and future publication, has really freaked me out lately. I don't know why, considering I'm nowhere near close to publishing anything, as engrossed as I am in the editing and writing stages across multiple books.Yet I can't shake it. Someday, once I'm published, someone is going to read… Continue reading You Can’t Please Everyone



I have sort of an obsession with cinematic scores. Sure, I got a film minor during undergrad, but I did that because I was hoping to learn more about screenwriting (not learn all about theory, which is exactly what happened). But I don't think that background is what inspired my in-depth obsession with a fantastically… Continue reading Scores!

Writing Posts

Editing: The Never-Ending Story

I have always claimed that editing is the hardest part of the writing process. I think that will always be the case, though I'm sure as I move along in my career, other things will pop up and prove to me that editing isn't the worse thing. But for the moment, it is what I… Continue reading Editing: The Never-Ending Story


Seven Secrets of Seduction

THIS BOOK, YOU GUYS. Secret #1: Every good seduction begins with a baited hook.  Okay, I'll just calm down for a second so I can explain why this was the best romance I think I've read so far--or, at least, in a long while. It ranks up with my all-time favorite (which started my romance… Continue reading Seven Secrets of Seduction