I have so much I want to say about reading this book and I know already that I'm going to go in 100 different directions throughout this review. So I wanted to apologize in advance. Let's start with an embarrassing story. Through a whirlwind of chances, good timing and the grace of lovely humans, I… Continue reading Duskfall

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An Apology to All the Friends I’ve Failed

I've been writing a lot of deep posts lately and this one definitely falls into that vein. It's something I've been contemplating about writing for quite a few weeks now yet have always found other posts to write, instead. Well, here goes nothing. Some backstory is in order before the actual apology happens. I've always… Continue reading An Apology to All the Friends I’ve Failed


A Lady Awakened

Well, that was interesting. Do you remember that time when I referenced how I don't usually read romance novels for the intricate plot, because they all follow the same general narrative structure/arc? I didn't mean that as a bad thing at all (obviously, as I keep reading them and really enjoying them). It's just that… Continue reading A Lady Awakened

Random Musings

Weekend at WorldCon

I went to my first convention this past weekend and have spent every minute since wondering why I waited to long to do so. I mean, holy smokes, was this past weekend awesome! I discovered WorldCon really late into the game (like, only a week before pre-sale memberships were no longer on sale) because an… Continue reading Weekend at WorldCon

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The Balancing Act Called Life (Or: I Still Have A Lot To Learn)

It's been a while. Goodness, has it been a while. I've missed writing on my personal blog a lot. I don't even think it has been that terribly long, but I do know that when I log on, I open WordPress, check any notifications and then close right back out of it for enough consecutive days that it's… Continue reading The Balancing Act Called Life (Or: I Still Have A Lot To Learn)

Random Musings

The Crave for Conversation

This blog could also be titled, "The Life of the Luddite". I've had a hard time choosing which one, because both incorporate themes and issues that tie together, regarding real conversations, technology and the growing struggle--or perhaps simply a struggle I've noticed--regarding communication. It's something I've personally been struggling with for quite some time, yet… Continue reading The Crave for Conversation