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I struggle with this concept so much, but never more than when I'm prepping to query. Whether I'm stalking agents on Twitter, perusing agency websites, utilizing the fantastic and wonderful Manuscript Wish List or just trying to craft my query in general, it never fails that this topic is brought up and I'm stuck with these… Continue reading Originality


Mechanical Failure

**I received a copy of Mechanical Failure by Joe Zieja from Agent Sam Morgan in exchange for an honest review** ANGELIC FECAL MATTER*, this book was awesome. I first discovered this book was a thing when I saw it being advertised on Twitter by a few agents and writers I follow. I checked out the blurb and knew… Continue reading Mechanical Failure

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Liebster Award!

Y'all know R.K. Brainerd, right? The amazing writer and fantastic human being over at Awake Dragon? I've bragged about her before and will prolly brag about her numerous times as our careers explode in the best way possible and we take over the world using puppies, goats and straw houses  we work our asses off and… Continue reading Liebster Award!

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Mass Effect

WARNING: SPOILERS ABOUND (for entire trilogy, just not first game) AFTER THIS SENTENCE. READ AT YOUR OWN PERIL. I spent this afternoon frantically killing Saren/Sovereign before I had to go to work tonight. Last night, I stayed up until four in the morning, hyped up on adrenaline, as I fought in Virmire (dammit, Virmire). Even… Continue reading Mass Effect

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Querying Versus Job Hunting

You know, these things are actually quite similar. I'd never realized it until after talking with one of my coworkers, but the similarities are pretty obvious. He's a college student preparing for a career fair next week. Of course, that means amping up a resume and preparing his pitch. I was a liberal arts major… Continue reading Querying Versus Job Hunting

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The Itch

I've been going a little stir-crazy the past few days, ever since this happened. I've learned that it's important to let your work breathe, after completing a draft. Jumping right back in, regardless of how desperately you need to or how much you really want to fix that one scene that's been nagging at you since chapter three. By… Continue reading The Itch


The Empty Ones

** Received a copy of The Empty Ones by Robert Brockway from Agent Sam Morgan in exchange for honest review** It's a Saturday. It's a glorious day outside; feels like crisp October weather despite being the second week of September. Tiny hooligans that belong to the neighbors I've never met scream and frolic outside. It's my day… Continue reading The Empty Ones

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Weighing Importance

I've been doing a lot of adulting lately. Which, strangely enough, actually looks very similar to panicking: the increased heartbeat, the sweaty palms, the tears threatening to fall past your eyelids. The shrinking bank account. Moving out and living on my own in a kickass apartment is fantastic, but the bills that have followed are… Continue reading Weighing Importance

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My Awe of Literary Agents

I'm 95% convinced that literary agents aren't human. They are some sort of genetic hybrid combining the telepathic abilities of mind readers and the inhuman strength and perseverance of superheroes. What makes me draw such fantastic conclusions, you may ask? I'm glad you did, because I have answers.* In case you're unfamiliar, a literary agent is… Continue reading My Awe of Literary Agents


The Unnoticeables

** I received a copy of The Unnoticeables by Robert Brockway from Agent Sam Morgan in exchange for an honest review** And, quite honestly, I don't even know how to review this thing. I guess we'll start with a confession. Had I stumbled upon this book in my local bookstore and perused the back cover, I probably would… Continue reading The Unnoticeables