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I really love that WordPress gives me notifications when my blog has turned another year older, because quite frankly, I always forget that July 5th is it’s birthday.

Apparently, Thoughts Stained With Ink is now five years old.

Pretty neat, huh?

Like my actual birthday, I have no idea how to actually celebrate it.

I guess we could do some stats?

No. of Visitors:

  • 2012: 13
  • 2013: 565
  • 2014: 769
  • 2015: 500
  • 2016: 1,994


  • 2012: 314
  • 2013: 789
  • 2014: 1,043
  • 2015: 777
  • 2016: 3,754

No. of Posts:

  • 2012: 14
  • 2013: 20
  • 2014: 13
  • 2015: 24
  • 2016: 77

Just glancing through the stats, it’s crazy to look at how much this blog has grown (and how, unsurprisingly, the numbers increased as my level of commitment and output did). Sometimes, when looking at really successful or established blogs, I look at this one and feel a little inadequate, in comparison. Yet looking at my own growth is…kinda really awesome. Going from 13 visitors to almost 2,000 in five years? From 14 posts to almost 80? And that’s not even including the stats from this year, which looks to continue the trend of increasing in each category.

That’s pretty neat, friends.

When I don’t compare myself to other bloggers, I’m actually really proud of this blog. I really love being able to reach so many people from across the globe and have awesome conversations, heartfelt confessions and epic nerd-out sessions. I love using it as an outlet and being able to express myself through the written word (or GIFs, as some occasions demands). I think I’m most excited to see how this blog continues to expand and change as the years continue. Because I have no doubt, no matter how many times this blog gets put on the back-burner and my post frequency drops, that this blog will find a way to continue.

Now here’s where you come in.

In the comments below, I’d love to hear your feedback. Are there any topics or posts that you’ve particularly enjoyed? Anything you’d like to see more of? Any feedback on the layout of the blog, it’s accessibility or design? Any comments on the number of posts per week or month? Anything in general that you enjoy or any areas of improvement? Seriously, I’d love to know and appreciate the few minutes out of your day you’ve taken to tell me. Because the biggest reward of this blog in the interaction I have with you and though I do use it as my personal outlet (and always will), I’d love to be able to cater to the needs of my readers, as well.

Image result for blogiversary

Thanks for a fantastic five (and a half, technically) years, readers. Let’s see where the next five years lead us, shall we?


7 thoughts on “Blogiversary!”

  1. Happy blogiversary! Look at those stats! I think you’re doing mighty well! As for any feedback, I love what you’re doing here. No complaints at all. I know, not the most helpful of comments, but there really isn’t anything lacking on your page! It’s simple, straightforward, and engaging. Just keep doing you! ❤

    1. JESS. Gosh darnit, you are too great for this world. I know, right? I’d actually never looked at my stats farther than checking the stats of the week, so that was a really cool increase to see! “Helpful” or not, your comment still meant the world. ❤

  2. Ah!!!! Happy 5th!! I’m forever grateful that we were smushed together as roomies for a weekend and then a month so I could discover you, your writing and this blog. As I constantly go back and forth between to write and not to write myself, I love coming to your blog to get inspired about everything from writing to just being a person. You rock!

    1. Thank you! Every July, when that notification pops up, I’m always surprised that another year has gone by. Seriously, Beth, I am so grateful that fate, chance, whathaveyou connected us and we’re still friends to this day. I’m so jazzed for our phone call at the end of the month. ❤

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