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A Very Needed Reminder

Last week, I was on my period. Although it’s different for every woman, I’m the sort that definitely becomes overly emotional during that time. I like to believe that I usually do a good job keeping those emotions in check and under wraps during that time (though my Mom is always quick to tell me differently, saying she can always tell when I’m on my period or not), but this past week was a bit more of a struggle than usual.

Perhaps it was paired with the dreary weather (which I usually love). Perhaps it was tied with the fact that said weather made it difficult to work out and release those happy hormones I’ve become so addicted to. Perhaps it’s simply just that kind of week with no other reason attached. I can’t nail it down, but for most of the week, I’ve been in a bit of funk, emotionally; focusing on the few negative aspects of my life instead of focusing on the positives. The past two days, especially, my head space has been completely zoned in on the negative, focusing on things like some frustration at work, stress over money, worry over my complicated relationship status, fear of the future, fear regarding change, mixed emotions about figuring out who I want to be as a person (and how that person is shaped by others juxtaposed by how I shape myself), stress regarding missed runs, bad eating days or sleeping in too late, amongst plenty of other things.

I wanted to focus on something to help get my brain back into a positive head space, regardless of how my hormones are functioning and attempt to raise my mood so I don’t end the week still feeling a sense of…well, just, “Blah.” So I thought I’d make a list, a friendly reminder, of some of the good things that went on this week or are happening in the near future–not to brag or rub it in, but just to remind myself that despite the other things I’m dealing with, they are some good things to focus on and remember; things I can potentially distract myself with whenever those negative thoughts above try to take over.

  1.  Puppy videos posted on my Facebook timeline.
  2. That feeling I get when working on anything writing related–and actually sticking with my new writing schedule.
  3. A pair of arms wrapped around me, making me feel safe and cherished, before I fall asleep.
  4. A last-minute lunch date with mi padre.
  5. Plot twists in the book I’m reading.
  6. Getting precision kills in Destiny 2. 
  7. Looking at the calendar and seeing plans every Saturday for the next month (including a 5K Breast Cancer run, RenFest, a book fair, a Break Out Room and potentially some new ink).
  8. My birthday is in less than 30 days (eep!).
  9. The start of the holiday season is upon us.
  10. Trying out new recipes.
  11. The promise of making cookies over the weekend.
  12. Feeling like a stud wearing a pair of jeans.
  13. Staying in touch with far away friends via email.
  14. Crossing things off the To-Do List.
  15. Being heard in conversations.
  16. The promise of good things in the future (trying to combat the fear/focus of negative things awaiting in the future).
  17. Spending an afternoon looking up things to get everyone for Christmas.
  18. The smell of a forested-trail after a fresh rain.
  19. Seeing so much wildlife during a run.
  20. Surprise visits at work from my man.
  21. My sleeve (tattoo) finally healing and looking really good.
  22. Getting all the circles filled on my FitBit app.
  23. Awesome conversations with my students at work.

Reading through that list, my heart feels a lot lighter than it has the past couple of days. Doesn’t mean that those things I’m dealing with aren’t present in my life anymore; doesn’t mean there aren’t still some things to address or be aware of. But it’s nice to remind myself that there is always something good going on, even if your brain convinces you otherwise.

What about you? If you’re reading this post, I’d seriously LOVE to see your own list of good things that happened this week (or are about to happen or just generally make you happy) to appear down in the comments (or maybe in a post all your own). I want to hear all about it. Let’s kick off the weekend with a little positivity, eh?


16 thoughts on “A Very Needed Reminder”

  1. You have no idea how much I relate to this. The emotions get more intense as I get older, to the point where I sometimes contemplate ending it. Hormonal changes are not a joke! It’s a real biochemical effect in the brain, and can affect not just your mood, but your interpersonal relationships and your outlook on life. I usually just have a good cry for several nights in a row, and hope to weather it out. What you do definitely sounds helpful! The key is to not let yourself sink into this emotional funk, get enough sleep and PHYSICAL ACTIVITY! It really helps.

    Hope you’re feeling better! You know you can always come talk to us about anything and nothing.


    1. First off, I hope you always know that I’m here for you, Joyce! I don’t want you to ever fall so far down that spiral again that you *ever* contemplate ending it. I mean that. Day or night, I am always here for you.

      I agree, it’s crazy how hormones can affect the mood. But not even just that. Even when I’m completely clear of my period and my hormones are “fine,” there are days when my emotional mood just plummets, sometimes for no reason, sometimes for little, silly things and other times spurred by everything. So I’m always trying to find new ways and utilize old tricks to remember how to get out of that slump, whenever it strikes.

  2. This is such a great idea for when those negative thoughts take over 🙂

    My list is a little short but very positive:

    -Getting an all clear from the hospital about my eye tests.
    -Cuddles with the other half.
    -The pretty red autumn leaves in my garden.
    -I started watching Psych Season 6 after abandoning the show years ago. I was surprised as I’d expected it to be bad, and I laughed so hard at episode 2!
    -I’m on track with healthy eating and exercise.
    -I did some good work on outlining my NaNoWriMo project and am loving the idea of my own take on Arthurian legend.
    -My birthday next week 🙂

    1. Thank you! It definitely helped me get over a weird hump during the day.

      Your list is absolutely awesome! I love Psych (the last season is awesome), good luck with your outlining (which I actually want to hear more about, because hellooo Arthurian legend), keep killing it with your healthy eating and exercise, Happy Birthday whenever that is and finally, creepy comment of the day, I was looking at your blog and I totally think we could be friends, because you seem awesome (I mean, you love dragons, so c’mon). 🙂

      1. Yay, thank you 🙂

        I love Psych too, and I can’t wait for the movie. I have to catch up on the rest of the seasons before then!
        Yay, an Arthurian legend fan! I loved BBC’s Merlin, but the ending upset me. I’ve decided to sort of continue it, with my own take and a different backstory: Merlin waits and waits for Arthur to return, and Arthur eventually gets reincarnated. It’s going to be a huge project with lots of research, but it will be fun 🙂
        Totally not creepy 🙂 I came across your blog via Twitter and thought you seemed awesome from your bio 🙂 And you love dragons too! We should totally be friends 😀

      2. I am SO JAZZED for the movie to come out. I wish they didn’t take the series off of Netflix so I could have rewatched some of it beforehand. Season Eight is gold (especially the musical).

        I actually only watched the first three seasons of Merlin. *hides* I always meant to finish it, but just haven’t gotten around to it, though I’ve heard a lot of people were disappointed by the ending. Your take sounds fascinating, though!!

        Awww, thank you! Yes, I’m a bit obsessed with dragons, truth be told. YAY new friends and not being too creepy! *fistpump*

      3. I’m going to need to buy the last two seasons on DVD to watch them. UK Netflix is terrible, we never even had Psych! I can’t wait to see the musical, I’ve heard amazing things.

        You saw the best parts of Merlin (In my opinion anyway. I think it went downhill after season 3, although it did have its moments!) Thanks, glad you like the idea of my take, I hope I can do the characters justice!

        I’m also a bit obsessed with dragons 😀 I must have seen How to Train Your Dragon at least ten times, and I love the Netflix mini series, which, thankfully, we do get! What’s the best way to stay in touch, new friend?

      4. Oh dang, that sucks that you’ve never had access to it! But I hope you enjoy it, because it’s pretty awesome.

        You think? My brother keeps bothering me to finish it (which I should, I realize) but there just isn’t enough time in the day, especially when everyone talks about how poor the ending was. Still, I’ll probably finish it eventually. Oh, I bet you can do more than justice for those characters. 🙂

        I have a plushie of Toothless on my dashboard and I collect dragon figurines, so yeah, I’d say I’m right there with you on the dragon obsession. Well, I’m a bit shite at social media and I have this weird quirk of staying in touch with my social media friends through email (i.e., having an email thread with some of the friends I’ve made that I’m closer with to stay in touch). I dunno if something like that would interest you! I used to be on Twitter more, but it’s just one of the things that I’ve sorta ran out of time to do. What ways do you like to stay in touch?? 😀

      5. I’m sure I will 🙂 I got some birthday money so some new DVD’s will be my present!

        Yeah, I can’t even remember much of the later seasons, and I’ve only seen the finale episode once. It’s worth a watch, but I agree that it’s hard to find time. I’ve not finished many a TV show due to lack of time.
        Thanks 🙂 I’m loving my plan so far!

        Gah! I have two plushie Toothless and a Horde of dragon figures too 😀
        You’re not the only one, lol. I’m pretty terrible these days. I check Twitter a lot but I’m awful at replying to DM’s because I get easily distracted. I used to have Skype and Discord, but I always forget to log in. Email is cool with me, I check that more often and I use it to keep in touch with a couple of other Twitter friends too 🙂 (tales@dragonspire.co.uk)

      6. Hey, there you go! That sounds awesome!

        One day, I’ll have time. One day. 😛 But I do have every intention to watch it. Maybe I’ll start back at the beginning and just enjoy the hell out of the first few seasons again before seeing how I feel about the ending. I’m glad your planning is going well!

        Ahhh yes, you are doing life right. 😛

        That’s fair enough! I’m glad I’m not the only one that uses email as a way to stay in touch with people. Some people find that weird, but I’ve found it really works! I’ll try and shoot you an email this afternoon! 😀

      7. I’m currently re-watching Merlin from the beginning too. I’ve labelled it as ‘research,’ for my NaNo project, and so far the first season is just as good as I remember it 😛 (Of course, it has a dragon, so how could it not be?)

        Awesome 🙂 Definitely not weird, emails are so easy to keep track of. I’ll reply to your email in the next couple of days 🙂 (Sometimes I’m a little slow to reply on weekends. I’m rarely online Friday or Saturday, and Sunday is my busiest day: I run a writing prompt hashtag game on Twitter (#sunscribbles) and write a short story for my blog!)

      8. That’s the best, when you can count things like TV shows and videogames as research. 😛

        Oh gosh, please, take your time. I’m the same way. I usually only log on Sundays through Thursdays and deplug most of the weekend. Plus, I never want it to feel like a rush or something that you *have* to get done; rather, something you want to do, whenever you have time. No pressure. 🙂

      9. Of course!! I’ve also found, with my writing chains with other writers, that they tend to get a little lengthy, so if it takes a hot minute to respond, why would I be upset about that? I got it and will potentially respond tonight. If not tonight, then next week, for sure!

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