Quest for Discovery

Quest for Discovery: Week Six

Hello, friends!

Thanks to the flu, I not only missed posting anything for Week Five, but my goals below–which were from Week Four, since I didn’t make any new ones–were far from accomplished, especially the main one I had for that week: to start writing the second book in the Artemis Smith quintet. But with as sick as I got, I’m not beating myself up for not accomplishing anything (I’m just proud I didn’t end up in the hospital). I’m still recovering–this cough is nasty and persistent–so the goals for the upcoming week are a little lower intensity/lower key than what I’d like, but after a sickness like that, you can’t rush the recovery, either, or you’ll be right back to where you were.

And I have no desire to do that again.

Image result for elegant page break clip artWriting
Long-Term Goal: Write two new books and edit two books. Enter the query trenches.

Last Week’s Goal: Start writing Artemis Smith and the Steam Powered Fallacy. Write 4x.

  • Status: Negative, Commander. I ended up falling behind by almost two weeks. I did manage to write the first page last night (*squee*) and adjusting my Write Track goal, I only increased my daily word count goal by a couple hundred of words each day, going from roughly 1,500 to roughly 1,900 per day, in order to still meet my deadline on the 31st of March. So still totally doable.

Weekly Goal: Write 4x. Meet (or exceed) word count.

Long-Term Goal: Read every day, finishing up some old series and keeping up with new ones.

Last Week’s Goal: Finish The Guns Above. Write review.

  • Status: Affirmative, Commander. Plus, wrote another review and start reading another novel that is BAMF.

Weekly Goal: Finish Times Shards. Write review. Start another novel.

Long-Term Goal: Continue living a healthy lifestyle and shaping a body I love and am proud of.

Last Week’s Goal: Indoor routine 4x. Log food.

  • Status: Negative, Commander. Yeah, probably no surprise that this one didn’t get accomplished. The weather seems to be improving slightly, but this week it’s supposed to snow, so it doesn’t look I’ll be getting outside to do anything any time soon. But considering my body is still regaining its strength, my main focus will be to eat well and just slowly work my way back into it.

Weekly Goal: Get fully healthy. Get well, but be forgiving if your body isn’t ready to work out, yet.

Long-Term Goal: Learn to have a healthy relationship with money and build my savings.

Weekly Goal: FRUGAL.

  • Status: Affirmative, Commander. One plus of being bedridden is you can’t really spend money if you can’t move, so…

Weekly Goal: Make tax appointment. Actually put money into bloody savings.

Long-Term Goal: Reconnect with God and grow personally to live more like Jesus.

Last Week’s Goal: Actively work on lessening mental tangents during prayer.

  • Status: Negative, Commander. I actually didn’t pray at all last week. My mind was sorta out of it.

Weekly Goal: Focus.on.prayer.

Carpe Diem
Long-Term Goal: Find a reason to smile every day and something to get excited about weekly. 

Last Week’s Goal: Get stoked for family day on Saturday and find a reason to smile, every day.

  • Status: Negative, Commander. I dunno if it’s ironic or not, that I had “find a reason to smile, every day” and then I ended up getting sick for eight days. I am bummed that I missed a lot during that time, including two DnD sessions and a family day I was really looking for to. But, luckily, things can be rescheduled and I’m ready to get back to it.

Weekly Goal: Get excited to get back into the routine and being back amongst the living. Plus, hair appointment Saturday!Image result for elegant page break clip artSo, it was a rough end for January, but that’s okay. Ready to make February that much better, refocusing on my goals, concentrating on my health and putting writing to the forefront.

Let’s do this.


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