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Work Versus Life: A Constant Fight

Something I always struggle with is balance.

Whether it’s eating healthy versus pigging out, working out versus being lazy, writing versus social media, anxiety versus confidence, self-belief versus self-doubt, spending versus saving, balance is something that I always strive to achieve, yet it’s not only a struggle to achieve, let alone keep up, but it also takes a lot of work.

Right now, I can’t stop thinking about my work versus life balance.

And when I say, “can’t stop thinking,” of course I mean “stressing over it.”

Because how else do you live life, amiright?

*shakes head sadly*

Anyway, in the past year or so, I’ve started to take more days off of work. Whether it’s for a family vacation or a random concert or event I want to go to, when I first started working here, two years ago, I wouldn’t have taken that time off–even though I have vacation time saved up strictly for that purpose. That’s why it’s there. Yet I always have this fear that, if I take off work–let alone too much work–I’ll lose the job I need in order to survive financially.

So I’d turn down things that I really wanted to do.

Yet just because I’m starting to not do that so much now, doesn’t mean I’m not still stressing over it when I do (obviously).

I just missed practically two weeks of work thanks to the flu. Yet I already had a couple days planned in February to take off, for a Super Bowl party, then for Valentine’s Day and a concert next week. Yet I considered not taking off those days, because I missed so much work due to being sick. I still did (am), yet I’m still stressing over the fact that I’m doing so. Even though I have found coverage, my work I would have done on those days is (or will be) caught up and I have plenty of vacation time to cover all of those days. I still get stressed out.

I recognize that some of that stress is just the overthinker in me, but there’s another important element here.

You need a healthy balance between work and life.

Which really translates to: you still need to have a life.

Work takes up so much of your life and so much of your time, it’s easy to let it consume you completely. And don’t get me wrong, I realize some jobs are more demanding than others. I’m very lucky to have a job where I can leave work at work and time enough at that job to get everything I need done, as well as have the flexibility and ability to take off work (usually) when I want to/feel brave enough doing so. But even if you have a very demanding job, I don’t think that should consume your life, either. You should still have a life outside of it. And I feel, as I continue to grow older, the chances are that more of my life will be consumed by work (making this assumption based of what I’ve seen and experienced). So now, while there are still opportunities to do things that I want, even if it means I have to take off work occasionally to do them, I’m going to seize that opportunity.

Now, to stop feeling so bloody guilty about it when I do (any tips?).


8 thoughts on “Work Versus Life: A Constant Fight”

  1. I’m always struck by how easy it is to fall into the trap of “saving up” but never actually “spending” something. We like being secure, but if you never use it, what value does it really have?

  2. This balance is SO HARD. So firstly, take a breathe and be okay with still figuring out how to make that balance work 😉 It’s okay to not know where you need to adjust, and it’s okay to play with that balance until you find one that’s right for *you.*

    As for tips… I think you’re already doing what you’re supposed to. Talking about it, experimenting. If you need reassurance: IT IS TOTALLY VALID TO TAKE VACATION AFTER BEING SICK.

    Often being sick MEANS we need a vacation. We’re worn down and stressed and it’s our body saying chill out. (I’m sorry you got that nasty flu though! Ugh!)

    You got this. Just remember to believe in yourself, and that time taken to do what you love is equally as important as making money to be able to support yourself (because someday we hope those things can be kinda the same, yeah?)

    1. Okay, Rebekkah, first off, you’re absolutely amazing. I miss you (let’s do an email catch up soon, yes?). ❤

      Secondly, thank you so much for this, especially saying it was totally valid to take some vacation time off after being sick. That was really hard for me to do, yet it was something I'd planned for for weeks, so I really wanted to do it, so I did, and I'm so glad I did, but it's really nice to have that affirmation come from someone else. So thank you for that.

      You're wonderful. I'm going to return to this post, because you've written some gold here.

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