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Embers of War

The Nitty-Gritty Details 

Title: Embers of War
Author: Gareth L. Powell
Publisher: Titan Books, Feb. 2018
Blurb: The warship Trouble Dog was built and bred for calculating violence, yet following a brutal war, she finds herself disgusted by conflict and her role in a possible war crime. Seeking to atone, she joins the House of Reclamation, an organisation dedicated to rescuing ships in distress.

But, stripped of her weaponry and emptied of her officers, she struggles in the new role she’s chosen for herself. When a ship goes missing in a disputed system, Trouble Dog and her new crew of misfits and loners, captained by Sal Konstanz, an ex-captain of a medical frigate who once fought against Trouble Dog, are assigned to investigate and save whoever they can.

Meanwhile, light years away, intelligence officer Ashton Childe is tasked with locating and saving the poet, Ona Sudak, who was aboard the missing ship, whatever the cost. In order to do this, he must reach out to the only person he considers a friend, even if he’s not sure she can be trusted. What Childe doesn’t know is that Sudak is not the person she appears to be.

Quickly, what appears to be a straightforward rescue mission turns into something far more dangerous, as Trouble Dog, Konstanz and Childe, find themselves at the centre of a potential new conflict that could engulf not just mankind but the entire galaxy.

If she is to survive and save her crew, Trouble Dog is going to have to remember how to fight.

The Experience
(This ARC was given to me by Titan Books in exchange for an honest review.)

Happy Publication Day to Embers of War by Gareth L. Powell, if you’re reading this review on the 20th of February, 2018. If you aren’t, at least now you know the day it was published, so…hey, the more you know, right?

This book was such a different read for me, but I absolutely, thoroughly enjoyed it.

I have been slowly reading more and more science fiction, though I don’t think I’ve ever read something so in-depth and so mind-stretching (for me, personally) as Embers of War. I’m still wrapping my head around some of the finer details and grander concepts, but I think someone who loves science fiction or who is an avid reader within the genre will fly through this book like they are lacking oxygen and Embers of War is their own personal bubble of breathable air. It’s fast paced, it’s intricate and it’s complex.

My brain could use reading a few more books as challenging, enjoyable and rewarding as this one.


I think my favorite bit was how it was written. They was just a…I’m not even sure how to describe it, a higher quality of style, in the way it was written. There was an eloquence that I don’t always find in books, yet I found within these pages, that I appreciated and admired. I would have enjoyed the book for the writing alone (but lucky for me, the story was pretty fantastic, too).

I also was a huge fan of the multiple POVs it was told from (though I won’t like, at the beginning, I did get a bit lost as to who was who, though I quickly got that sorted) and how quickly you could fly through the chapters. Once again, I found myself reading a book in 100+ page increments, pushing past my bed time or rushing to return to work after my dinner break because I almost missed going back on time (again). I especially enjoyed that we got some POVs I wasn’t expecting (though I won’t tell you who, because I want you to be surprised, too). Her POV might even have been my favorite. I was also impressed by how distinct some of the voices sounded within their POVs, especially once I got everyone straight in my head.

Plus, those last 100 pages were pretty bomb and the last two chapters have me itching for the next book (because there is going to be another book, right?).

I’d say if you like science fiction, characters with dark pasts and demons that still haunt them, space battles, first person POV told through multi-POVs, shaky military alliances, tough choices and the sudden desire to worship the World Tree, this book will not disappoint you. Me, I’m really glad I stumbled upon this book, am thankful to Titan for providing an advanced review copy and stoked to continue reading more by this author!

Read on!

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