Quest for Discovery

Quest for Discovery: Week Ten

Hello, friends!

Last week was a pretty good week, all things considered. Productive, wonderful weather that I’m already missing, as it’s predicted to drop a little bit once again this week, enjoyable and only a few little spurts of random negative emotion, here and there. I still need to work on maintaining a more happy mindset and living in the moment, but overall, I’m pretty stoked with life and where I’m at, and with all the promise the future still holds for me.Image result for elegant page break clip art

Long-Term Goal: Write two new books and edit two books. Enter the query trenches.

Last Week’s Goal: Write 6x. Continue meeting word count. Figure out guild backstory?

  • Status: Affirmative, Commander. I’m really stoked to already be at 45,000 words. And I’m about to get into the heart of the story, I think, and really start picking up the pace and the action, so I’m pretty darn stoked about that, too. Hoping the increase in action makes meeting those word count goals a little easier, for the second month working on this story!

Weekly Goal: Write 6x. Continue meeting word count.

Long-Term Goal: Read every day, finishing up some old series and keeping up with new ones.

Last Week’s Goal: Finish Kings of the Wyld. Write review. Start Blood of Assassins.

  • Status: Affirmative, Commander. Gosh, Kings of the Wyld was such a fantastic book, I had a blast writing that review. I’m about a third of the way through Blood of Assassins and I’m excited to see where this book is headed!

Weekly Goal: Finish Blood of Assassins. Write review. Start new book.

Long-Term Goal: Continue living a healthy lifestyle and shaping a body I love and am proud of.

Last Week’s Goal: Workout 4x (and go walking, if the weather’s nice). Continue logging food honestly.

  • Status: Affirmative, Commander. I walked almost 15 miles last week, which was fantastic. I also logged my food honestly and finally resisted to have doughnuts this morning during DnD, so I’m off to a good start, this week!

Weekly Goal: Workout 4x, log food honestly and figure out exactly how I want to try and balance cardio and strength training.

Long-Term Goal: Learn to have a healthy relationship with money and build my savings.

Weekly Goal: Pay bills, pay off phone and put money into savings.

  • Status: Affirmative, Commander. It was a really sad feeling, to get paid and get my tax return all within a span of a few days, only to see all that money disappear thanks to bills and paying off a loan. But, instead, I should be thankful that money was there in the first place and I’ve been able to keep up my plan of putting $100 into savings every month so far, including March already, so I’m pretty stoked about that.

Weekly Goal: Check out different credit cards and potentially apply for one.

Long-Term Goal: Reconnect with God and grow personally to live more like Jesus.

Last Week’s Goal: Pray.

  • Status: Affirmative, Commander. I do still need to work on this, but I did pray at least once last week that I thought was actually a really good…prayer session, I guess you could call it. I felt like I talked with God honestly and openly, with only minimal distractions, so that was really nice.

Weekly Goal: Continue praying. Find devotional book to use with Mom.

Carpe Diem
Long-Term Goal: Find a reason to smile every day and something to get excited about weekly. 

Last Week’s Goal: Smile every day.

  • Status: Affirmative, Commander. 

Weekly Goal: Get stoked about shopping day with Mom on Saturday.Image result for elegant page break clip artGoing to continue working on book two in the Artemis quintet, as my goal is to reach 80,000 words by the end of this month. It’s going to be a challenge, but if I keep up with what I’ve been doing so far, I think it’s totally doable. I’m also hoping to really start adhering to a schedule, working out wise, where I start getting up on time in the mornings and get to work straight away, instead of being sluggish and sleeping in. I also want to try and make something different to eat for dinner this week, instead of my usual fare, and try to do my hair everyday.

I’m hoping, with starting out each morning with working out and doing my hair each day, I can start the day off right and continue feeling confident and productive throughout the rest of the day.


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