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A Very Important Shout-Out


Today is a very important day.

It’s my Mom’s birthday!

happy birthday fun GIF by Ecard Mint

Those who you know me personally know how important this woman is to me and how close I am to my Mom. She’s practically one of my best friends. Hell, just last week, we went shopping together and spent one-on-one time together just because it’d been a while and we’d missed one another. I know some people think that’s weird, because who is friends with their Mom, especially that close?

Well, if your Mom was my Mom, you wouldn’t question it.


Because this woman is just too incredible to do anything else otherwise.

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She is one of my greatest supports and one of the most important pillars in the foundation of who I am as a person–not to mention one of the greatest role models I have as the type of woman I want to be and who I continually strive to be more like. She is one of the bravest people I know, amongst both women and men. She has a wonderful, giving heart and the greatest work ethic you’ve ever seen. She’s fought for and earned everything she has in her life and she deserves so much more. She is a great support for our family and has made more sacrifices than anyone else should. She gives some of the greatest advice, is willing to listen to me and my long-winded stories and randomly texts me to, “Stop overthinking!” because she knows me so well.

Traveling to London together with her last year was one of my fondest memories together and I cannot wait for more adventures in the future. Just as I cannot wait to celebrate so many more years and holidays, but especially birthdays. And today, we’ll be celebrating by having the entire family together, eating a home-grilled meal and competing in Harry Potter trivia (while probably listening to the soundtrack, because let’s be honest).

So here’s to you, Mom! Thanks for being the inspiration I always need, the support I can always count on and the wonderful, caring, loving, challenging and awesome mother that I don’t deserve. Happy Birthday! I love you!


6 thoughts on “A Very Important Shout-Out”

    1. I’ll pass along the wishes. Thank you!

      Aww, that’s awesome. I’m really lucky to have this type of relationship. Most other people I know don’t. I have complete faith you’ll be able to cultivate a relationship like this with your daughter, too! 😀

  1. Thank you so much Nicole for the “shout out”! I love you dearly and so thankful for you and our relationship! You are an amazing woman and daughter! I always look forward to our outings and hope we get to go on another adventure together! 🙂
    Love you always!!

    PS. Stop overthinking! 😉

    1. Of course! I love you a ton and I’m so glad we got to celebrate yesterday. I had a blast. 🙂 I’m super excited for our next adventure!

      PS: Thank you. 😉

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