Random Musings

Just A Little Bit Funky

I got my sleeve filled in the other day and while I am super excited about that, the healing process is always…a little unpleasant for me, when it comes to tattoos. It always turns out well at the end, but for the two-to-three weeks it takes to heal, it’s a bit of a bitch. The first week, especially, as my skin is still getting over the fact that I just subjected it to four hours of being jabbed with an electric needle. As such, I can’t work out, just to make sure it heals properly. So this week, I’ve been ridiculously lazy.

And it sorta blows my mind how that laziness has taken over and now infiltrated pretty much every aspect of my life.

Usually, I wake up in the mornings and then workout first thing, before starting off the rest of my day. Last week was particularly awesome, as far as following my desired routine and staying productive went. This week, I wake up, make dinner to take to work and then go straight to the PS4. That part hasn’t been bad. I don’t mind playing Fallout 4 for hours on end before starting off my work day (without fail, it never feels like enough time).

Yet I haven’t done my hair once this week. I feel myself get lazy at work, not wanting to cross off anything from my To-Do List. Sure, I force myself to do it, but I’m not really feeling it, if you follow me. And there isn’t even a ton on it this week and yet still, I find myself not wanting to do it. Hell, even outlining my next novel I want to work on was a struggle to complete, where it took almost three days for me to sit down and finally do it. Which is another factor that’s tying into this lazy funk, the fact that I didn’t have a writing project I was working on, this week, after writing consistently for two months. Writing and working out are the two core parts of my routine. Take away both of those elements and suddenly, you have a very lazy, very unmotivated person.

Honestly, as much as I love my PS4 and the quality time we’ve gotten this week, I’m not a fan.

I know it’s just a funk I have going on, right now, that will last until my arm is healed up good and proper. I know I’ll get over it, especially when I’m not constantly wanting to chop my arm off. This cold weather and persistent winter cold isn’t helping matters, either. All I need is a little time, a little healing and a lot of solid spring weather to get over this little funk.

And none of it can come soon enough.


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