Random Musings

Run With It

Something really neat happened yesterday.

On this new training routine that I’ve created, I run on Tuesdays and Thursdays, walking on Wednesdays while I do a weekly phone call date with the best friend, while I do strength training on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. This Tuesday, I ran, but I wasn’t really feeling it. I felt slow and not as great, afterwards–though I still felt happier than if I hadn’t ran at all.

Looking at my tracker app, I ran the first mile in 13:47 and the second mile in 14:41. Considering I’m just getting back into running, after almost five months of not running regularly thanks to winter*, I’m not surprised that I’m back to averaging around fourteen minutes, which is what I started at, when I first began running regularly.

Having an impressive or even fast mile pace has never really been my main goal: completion always has been. But I had a conversation with a friend the other day about running. She’s looking for a running partner and, unfortunately, didn’t find that with me, as I’m definitely a workout-by-myself kind of person (especially when it comes to running). I’m better as an accountability buddy, when it comes to working out. But we started talking about paces and realized that we might not be the best running partners anyway, as I average 14-15 minutes per mile, whereas she sits at an impressive 10. Still, we talked about it and she gave me a couple ideas of how to increase my pace, if that was a goal I wanted to do.

dean winchester running GIF

So, Thursday rolls around. I’m not really in the mood to workout, let alone run, but I need to–especially since I didn’t go on a walk the day before. I head out to my trail after sleeping in a little too late, only to get a text from my boyfriend, finding out that he’s taken a half-day and will be home at noon, which means I get to see him before I go to work, which never happens.

But I still gotta go on my run, first.

So, I already want to get home as quickly as I can, but it’s nearing 10:45am and I am just hitting the trail. And I think about the conversation I had with my friend and although I didn’t want to use her sprint/jog method, I did wonder if I could actively think about my pace and try to increase it, if only so I could get home and shower before my boyfriend got back.

I finished my run in 27 minutes. My first mile? 12:49. My second? 12:53.

I won’t lie: I was seriously ecstatic about that. I shaved over a minute of my mile time simply because I chose to push myself–and then also sprinted the last 100 meters, which almost killed me. It was a little rough, afterwards, but the fact that I was able to do that and how fantastic I felt afterwards makes me wonder if I shouldn’t stop listening to podcasts while I run and instead, listen to my screamo playlist like I did today and actively try to push myself.

Who knows, maybe after running consistently again, perhaps I can make that 10 minute mile, too.


*Which, um, seriously? Almost five months of consistently poor weather for running conditions? Damn, that’s a bit much, Kansas, don’t you think?

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