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Summer 2018 Comment Challenge: Yes Please

Hello, readers!

Perusing through my update feed on WordPress, I stumbled upon this post from the lovely Bookish in Bed, talking about her plans to join in on the Summer 2018 Comment Challenge, hosted by Lonna at FLYLēF and Alicia at A Kernel of Nonsense and runs June through August. I’d never heard of such a thing before, so immediately I popped over to the website to check it out.

And I fell in love with the idea.

Basically, you sign up for a month (for example, if you sign up by May 26th, you’re signing up for the month of June) and you’re partnered with a buddy blogger where your goal is to comment on a designated number of their posts throughout that month, hoping to build a friendship and grow in the community. I signed up for 5+ posts, simply because I’m not sure if I’ll have the 10+ posts written and posted on this blog for them to comment on, but I’m definitely going to try and comment on as many posts as I can for my buddy.

I think this is a really neat way to build community and get people interactive within it and I’m so glad I stumbled upon the post before the deadline for sign-ups for June. Even though Erlebnisse is over a year old, it’s still a baby blog in terms of the incredible book blogger community, so I’m really stoked to get more involved within it, using this challenge!

I’m so excited to meet my blogging buddy and start supporting them!

Read on!

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