Waiting On Wednesday

Waiting on Wednesday: The Unbound Empire


Originally hosted by Breaking the Spine, Waiting on Wednesday has now linked up with “Can’t Wait Wednesday” at Wishful Endings and it’s exactly as it sounds: we post about books that haven’t been published yet, but we’re salivating by the time the publication date hits.

This week, the book that makes me so excited because I’ve been dying to know how this is going to end ever since I read the first page in book one is:

The Unbound Empire by Melissa Caruso
Publication Date: April 25th, 2019

40618519The final volume of the Gemmell Morningstar Award-shortlisted Swords and Fire fantasy trilogy, in which political scion Amalia and her bound fire warlock Zaira must save the Empire from a ruthless, magical enemy. Perfect for fans of Tamora Pierce, The Queen of the Tearling, and Uprooted.

While winter snows keep the Witch Lord Ruven’s invading armies at bay, Lady Amalia Cornaro and the fire warlock Zaira attempt to change the fate of mages in the Raverran Empire forever, earning the enmity of those in power who will do anything to keep all magic under tight imperial control. But in the season of the Serene City’s great masquerade, Ruven executes a devastating surprise strike at the heart of the Empire – and at everything Amalia holds most dear.

To stand a chance of defeating Ruven, Amalia and Zaira must face their worst nightmares, expose their deepest secrets, and unleash Zaira’s most devastating fire.

Oh goodness, friends, did I freak out when I saw this cover. It is POSITIVELY GORGEOUS and it gives me chills everytime I see it. This series is so fantastic and so refreshing and I have absolutely no idea what Amalia is going to choose here coming up and trust me, friends, I am so, so curious.

Go ahead and mark me sick on the calendar on the 25th, boss. It’s time to go take down Ruven.

Read on!

3 thoughts on “Waiting on Wednesday: The Unbound Empire”

  1. YES! *fist pump* Orbit is seriously killing it with the debut authors in recent years, and Melissa Carusa is another one I fell in love with when I read the Tethered Mage. I loved the second book too and now I can’t wait to get my hands on this one!

    1. Honestly, I’m at the point where if it has Orbit on the spine, it’s almost an instant want/buy for me. There hasn’t been something published by them that I haven’t enjoyed in any of my recent reads! But especially Caruso’s works. I love them and I am SO curious to see how this series ends!

      PS: I got Foundryside in the mail. Thank you SO much again. ❤

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