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Hello, dear readers!

I thought I’d mixed it up a little this Wednesday, instead of talking about a book I’m itching to get my fingers on through my usual meme I participate in, Waiting on Wednesday, because I had the lovely surprise of being tagged in an award! It’s been ages since I’ve done anything like this and I knew if I didn’t respond sooner rather than later, I’d never get around to actually doing it. So many thanks to LaRonda @ Flying Paperbacks. I recently just started following her blog, but I’ve really enjoyed her content so far, so I definitely recommend taking a look and supporting her and her reviews!


  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you by linking their blog
  2. Answer the questions
  3. Nominate 11 blogs with 11 questions
  4. List the rules as well as display the Sunshine Award Logo on your post


What’s the last book you gave 5-stars?

So, this isn’t that “special” of a question for me, because if I really enjoyed a book, I usually give it five stars. Sometimes, I’ll give it four if I wasn’t completely enamored, but I give a lot more five stars than your usual reviewer, I’d bet. I’m not 100% sure why I do that (and I’ve always meant to do a post explaining my ratings, so hopefully we’ll get to that point here soon, since this question reminded me that I need to do just that…), but whelp, that’s where I’m at.

Image result for king of assassins

That being said, I think the last book that “deserves” five stars from a tougher standard that I reviewed was King of Assassins by RJ Barker.

What’s your current favorite TV show?

Ahhhhh, awkward. So, I can’t remember the last time I properly watched a TV show? I used to watch them a lot more in college, especially before I brought my PS4 to my dorm room with me senior year, but ever since I graduated and moved out into the adult world, whenever I have free time aside from all the other commitments, I play video games instead of watching TV. I wish I had more time to watch it or could find a time to balance it in also (and I’m sure I could, if I got creative enough) but I’m just enjoying video games too much to really give it much thought. Even though there are a lot of great TV shows I either a) need to finish or b) want to get into.

However, I did totally make an exception to watch the first season of Final Space and I was not disappointed.

excited season 1 GIF by Final Space
I love Mooncake for eternity.

How long have you been blogging?

Six years! But I have been more consistent for the past two years, so my blog still has a lot of room to grow and sometimes still feels like a baby blog in many aspects. But, after the most recent update and merging, I think I’ve finally got it all figured out and set up the way I want it and I’m really excited about it.

What’s the color of your room?

Uhhh…white. I actually had to think about that one. We’re renting an apartment, so it’s not as customized as I’d want, but even once we own a house, I have no idea what color I’d actually want my room to be, tbh. Especially since I’m more Victorian in my decor and my boyfriend is more modern, so…gosh, our house is going to be something else, let me tell you.

Do you have a best friend at work/school?

That’s actually a hard question! Working full-time now and with really odd hours, I don’t actually see most of my colleagues a lot of the time, because they all work days whereas I work evenings/nights. So the students I supervise, I’m closer to than my “actual” coworkers, but then you also have to be careful not to become too close (even though my students are awesome) because at the end of the day, I’m still their supervisor, so…

Adulthood is a lot lonelier than I imagined it would be, but I’m very lucky to have a few close friends, family and my boyfriend outside of work.

What’s a song people would be surprised you know all the words to?

As someone who listens to screamo religiously and who’s second favorite genre is classical/epic music/movie scores, I will never forget the look on my boyfriend’s face when I rapped “Look At Me Now” flawlessly while we were cleaning the apartment, forgetting that he was there to listen to me sing.

Do you like romantic comedies?

Absolutely. However, I have a weird quirk with it. I love romance and romantic films, but I also get so worked up about it, i.e., I hate it when the couple gets to that “fighting/conflict” stage and just want to reach the happily ever after bit without having to go through that (obviously necessary for a film) part. That’s actually why I think I struggle to watch TV shows, because once the romance subplot gets shaken up, I get pissed.

But, I still do really enjoy them.

tina fey film GIF
Also, I have a serious crush on Martin Freedom. I mean, damn.

Do you journal?

I honestly count my blog as my journal, since I’m so transparent, so sorta not really?

Who is your favorite celebrity or fictional couple?

This is such a hard one. I have a lot of favorite couples (because of that whole hopeless romantic thing). But I talked about some of my favorite ones in this Top Ten Tuesday post a while back, so I’m going to cheat and link to that one, instead of trying to choose again.

i love you doug GIF

If you had an endless budget for a vacation, what would you do?

new zealand travel GIF by Melly Lee

If it was an endless budget, I would take a permanent vacation and move to a small home in New Zealand and then travel all over the world (is this cheating, too? I feel like it totally is).


  1. What favorite book of yours do you feel is completely underrated and why?
  2. What character death has completely shattered you and why?
  3. What is your favorite kind of cheese?
  4. Favorite dog GIF, picture or video, ready go.
  5. Favorite line from a novel?
  6. Favorite fanart from a novel (it can be your own!)?
  7. You just won a (permanent) vacation in space. What do you plan to do there?
  8. If you had to have a dinosaur as a pet, which would you pick and why?
  9. Which book series is super popular but you hate it OR which book series do you adore that everyone else hated?
  10. What book should be adapted cinematically but has been grossly overlooked in that medium?
  11. What book do you really want to read but can’t find on the shelves right now?


  1. Jason @ Off the TBR: Not only has he been so sweet on Twitter in our interactions, but Jason writes some really neat reviews and is doing a great self-publish highlight this month (during the month of September, when this was originally posted) so I definitely recommend checking out his blog to find hidden gems of from the self-published world, alongside his usual amazing content!
  2. Bridget @ Bridget and Books: So, not going to lie, this is a totally creepy move on my part. I literally just discovered Bridget’s blog a few days ago and not only is her layout incredible, but she also loves TOLKIEN (who, as you all know, is my obsession). So although I haven’t had time to peruse her blog yet, I’m using this tag as a chance to say hello (is that too weird? I bet that’s too weird).
  3. The Captain @ Captain’s Quarters: Another crew I’ve recently joined, but for book reviews with a pirate-y twist, there was no way to not sign up once this ship landed in my port (which is almost more impressive, since I’m landlocked). Definitely check her blog out!
  4. Aimee @ Aimee, Always: Aimee is so sweet and her posts are always so in-depth, creative, helpful and fun! I’m sure everyone is probably already following her already, but if you’re not, you definitely should be.
  5. Annemieke @ A Dance With Books: I met Annemieke through the Summer Comment Challenge this year and she has been nothing but sweet, informative (because I’ve asked her a ton of blogging questions) and always posting awesome content I want to check out.
  6. Alicia @ A Kernel of Nonsense: Alicia’s blog is also super wonderful (I won’t lie, everyone on this list is guilty of that) and she’s doing a fantastic Latinx Heritage Month series right now that you do not want to miss!
  7. Kathy @ Pages Below the Vaulted Sky: Kathy is literally THE SWEETEST and I love gushing about books in the comments with her. She also writes great reviews and great features/tags and I’m so curious about her answers to these questions (which, again, is something I’m curious with everyone on this list, but still).
  8. Wol @ The Tome and Tankard Inn: I don’t think I’ve found a more creative twist on a blog series than what Wol does here. I’m constantly blown away by the drink creations and pairings (even being straight edge) and Wol is just so friendly!
  9. Mogsy @ The BiblioSanctum: Mogsy is wonderful. I love her reviews and we have a very similar taste in books, which is always great. Whenever I see a new post from her in my feed, I always make sure to check it out, even if it constantly threatens my daunting TBR list.
  10. Lynn @ Books and Travelling with Lynn: Another blogger I’ve followed for a while now, who’s reviews I always enjoy and features are always on point. Plus, I love reading about her experiences with the SPFBO contest!
  11. YOU. Seriously, I am lowkey really proud of those questions (as dumb as it is to be proud of something like that) and I really want to read anyone’s answers to them who is curious enough to try them out (especially since you were kind enough to check out my blog in the first place).

So, there you have it! Sorry I also used the nomination section to promote. I didn’t really realize I was doing it until halfway through and now it’s happened, so…oops. But seriously, go check out those bloggers above and participate in the award if you want to! Just please link back to me so I can read your answers, because I really want to know everyone’s thoughts on my questions!

Thanks again to LaRonda for tagging me, I had a blast with this! ❤

Read on!

22 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award”

  1. Psst Nicole! You should link the blogs to individual posts, otherwise WordPress doesn’t “ping” (notify) the bloggers, which doesn’t really make sense, but hey. It took me a while to figure it out! And OMG thank you for the shoutout!!! I follow most of those blogs but there’s a couple I don’t know, so I shall check them out. 😀 And I LOVE your questions! I’ve never been happier to be someone’s victim–er, nominee. Though I may need to stick my answer for number 2 under a spoiler warning since it’s uh, super spoilery. And oh boy, someone should have told me in highschool that adulting means you’ll have the hardest time making new IRL friends.

    1. Wait, THAT’S how it notifies them? Goodness me, I never freakin’ realized that. Why are you so wonderful!? I will edit that this afternoon! I’m glad I could help you find a couple new bloggers, too! YES, I am seriously *SO CURIOUS* to read your answers. Oooh, now I’m even MORE intrigued. RIGHT? I really wish that would have been made a little clearer, because I had no idea how lonely adulting could really get.

      (PS: sorry for all the all caps, apparently that’s my shtick today.)

    1. Um, I’m actually pretty sure you are nominated? It’s nomination 11, I’m fairly certain. 😉 Seriously, I would LOVE it if you answered those questions!! Aww, thank you! I’m going to check your blog out this afternoon, too! But seriously, definitely check out those other bloggers, they are wonderful.

  2. Loved reading your answers 🙂 Adulthood is lonelier than I expected too, but I expected to have a group of friends like the TV show ‘Friends,’ and live near each other and hang out all the time, so perhaps my expectations were unrealistic 😛

    Martin Freeman’s in Sherlock (He’s Doctor Watson!) and he’s super cool, at least in the first two seasons. Best not get me started on the later seasons. Too much romantic drama xD (I can’t remember if you’ve seen Sherlock or not, but I’ll recommend it to anyone!)

    I’ve just been nominated for this award by another blogger, but I love your questions so I think I’ll include them when I (eventually, uni’s so busy!) get round to that post 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Louise! Gosh, I am right there with you. I was lucky to have pretty solid groups of friends in both high school and college, so I guess I just expected that to be a constant forever? 😛

      Yes, I know! I’ve seen the first three seasons still need to watch four, I can’t believe I haven’t seen it yet) but I LOVE it. It’s one of the favorite TV shows.

      YES, please do! I would love that! ❤

      1. Same, our big group of friends shrunk and shrunk until there’s only two of us left in the same town!
        😀 I’m a mega Sherlock fan too. Four was far better than 3, in my opinion anyway!

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