Waiting On Wednesday

Waiting On Wednesday: The Burning White (Cover Edition)


Originally hosted by Breaking the Spine, Waiting on Wednesday has now linked up with “Can’t Wait Wednesday” at Wishful Endings and it’s exactly as it sounds: we post about books that haven’t been published yet, but we’re salivating by the time the publication date hits.

This week, the book that makes me so excited because I’m still reeling how book three ended and I’ve been waiting for this fifth installment to answer every question I’ve ever had is:

The Burning White by Brent Weeks
Publication Date: (maybe) September 2019


Stripped of both magical and political power, the people he once ruled told he’s dead, and now imprisoned in his own magical dungeon, former Emperor Gavin Guile has no prospect of escape. But the world faces a calamity greater than the Seven Satrapies has ever seen… and only he can save it.

As the armies of the White King defeat the Chromeria and old gods are born anew, the fate of worlds will come down to one question: Who is the Lightbringer?

Not that I already featured this book on this meme once before, because no one would ever do that, but the recent(ish) announcement of this cover that is BEYOND PERFECT has me even more hyped for the conclusion of one of my all time favorite fantasy series of all time, so now I need to post about it again, with the cover, only to squee and shout my excitement out there once more. I have also finally admitted to myself that I’m going to have to read through this entire series again before the final book comes out, because I just don’t want to miss any details whatsoever. Oh darn…

Read on!

2 thoughts on “Waiting On Wednesday: The Burning White (Cover Edition)”

    1. Honestly, I definitely recommend waiting until this fifth one comes out. Book Four was great, but the ending felt so like it had just cut off immediately and I feel like the fifth book will pick up directly after it, so I don’t think it’ll hurt you to wait! I definitely plan to binge them all when this one comes out!

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