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Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I’d Embarrass Myself to Meet

Welcome back to Top Ten Tuesday! Once hosted by The Broke and The Bookish, it is now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. It’s a weekly book feature where a topical list-prompt is posted and readers respond with their top ten for that prompt. Yours truly tends to go over ten, but hey, what can a passionate reader do?

This week’s topic is: Top Ten Authors I’d Love to Meet

For this list, I’m choosing to interrupt “meet” not as just a, “Hey, I waited an hour in line to meet you, please sign my book and ignore me as I try to remember what words are when you ask me what my name is instead of collapsing in the floor in awe and excitement.” Because if I liked your book, you know I want to meet you and say thank you in person, whether at a con, a signing/reading or a social gathering. So that list is pretty damn infinite. No, instead, I’m choosing these authors below as those who I’d not only love to meet, but who I’d love to have an entire meal with, just casually sitting down and picking their brain about not only writing, but life and whatever else we’d want to talk about.

Because after barely being able to say my name during a book signing (oh, I have such hilariously embarrassing author meeting stories for the few I’ve been lucky enough to meet), it makes sense to try to add eating food into the mix of meeting my idols, too.

Yeah, nothing can go wrong, there.

Melissa Caruso: Not only has she written one of the best series ever, shared some of the most amazing and applicable writing advice I’ve ever read and been such a positive presence with the writing community as a whole, but Melissa I’ve had the pleasure to get to know a little bit behind the scenes, as we have a mutual friend through her agent, Naomi Davis (who, can she be an honorary on this list, because if I don’t also get to meet Naomi in person at some point, I’m going to be a very, very sad panda). Melissa is someone who I don’t just want to meet as a fan and a fellow writer, but as a friend, because her support and belief in me has been astronomical and incredible.

Megan O’Keefe: I just positively adored her first trilogy and I’m itching for her second one. I’d love to get to know her and tell her not only how wonderful her books are, but what an inspiration she is as a female writer and how she’ll always have a supporter from me her corner.

Erin Lindsey: Her Bloodbound trilogy is also an adored one of mine and I’d love to thank her in person for writing Alix and tell her how much I needed to read someone like her during that time in my life. Plus, I’d love to hear about her writing under two different names and what her process is like writing such varied genres.

Rob Thurman: Though I haven’t finished the Cal Leandros series yet (but I’m close!), it was one of the first series that really got me into urban fantasy and I loved it. But I also emailed Rob asking for writing advice and she wrote me back and even though my question was naive and unprofessional (I was only a middle schooler, after all), she was the first one to open my eyes that authors don’t actually make a lot of money. Like, ever. So never forget your passion with it, because doing it “just for the money” isn’t the way to go (not that that was my intention). And that lesson has stuck with me for ages and I’d love to thank her for that. But not only that, but it also wasn’t until book…four, I think, that I realized that Rob was short for Robyn and that she was a female author writing kickass books and she chose to keep her gender a secret so she wouldn’t be counted against as a female writer, but instead judged on the quality of her stories. And that open my eyes to something else I didn’t realize I’d have to deal with, one day (being automatically discounted as lesser because of I’m a woman; like I said, I was really naive, once). So, she’s taught me a lot without realizing it and the least I could do is buy her lunch.

Tamora Pierce: There was no way she wasn’t going to be on this list. I owe this woman everything. She is one of the first to truly cement my love for reading as a kid, especially fantasy, and one of the first authors who wrote about tomboys who I could relate to (that I had found at that time). She is a queen and rightly so and I can’t help but fangirl over her and her books daily, now and forever.

Brent Weeks: I’m not sure how much of my cool I’d be able to keep with any of these authors, if I ever got a chance to meet them (let alone share a meal with them) but I think Weeks is one where I’d have the hardest time not gushing and fangirling over his books the entire time and just generally making us both uncomfortable. Which is not what one wants to do when meeting one of their idols, but damn if I haven’t read every single thing Weeks has written and loved every second of it.

Nicholas Eames: I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t even get to the fangirling part, here. I’d just shake his hand, mutter “Your books are everything I’ve always wanted mine to be” and then promptly pass out on the floor, without even getting a chance to eat spaghetti (because obviously all of these fictitious meetings are happening at Italian restaurants, because Italian) or ask him if he’s taking on apprentices.

Image result for rj barker

R.J. Barker: R.J. is similar to Melissa in that, while we weren’t connected thanks to a mutual friend, he has been so kind to me on Twitter and our interactions have been so friendly, I sorta feel like we’re friends? So obviously I want to meet him and learn more about his genius and thank him for being such a wonderful person and fantastic writer.

Scott Lynch: I would honestly probably start off our dinner by not only telling him how his books are some of the greatest I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading, but also that I tried to write my review over The Lies Locke Lamora in the same style he writes the entire book (because I’m quirky like that) and it was so damn difficult and basically just stare holding two breadsticks and ask, “How?” on repeat.

Chuck Wendig: I have to admit that I definitely have only read one of his books (Invasive) but I follow his blog religiously and the amount of advice that he’s given me from across the void through that medium (and his writing craft books I’m positive will prove just as bountiful, which I own but still have yet to read…), the very least I could do is buy him lunch as a thank you. And also to thank him for surprising my Mom with how much she actually liked The Wendigo Sandwich. Because that was hilarious.

After writing that all out, now I wish it was more possible to actually make these dinners a reality. Granted, I totally understand why an author wouldn’t be like, “Hey, I’m going to do monthly dinners with some of my fans!” because you need to protect yourself and your privacy and opening up something like that could spell disaster and welcome creepy interactions in a hurry.

But damn, I’d love to pick their brains, learn about their mastery and craft and at least so thank you, in person, for writing books that I not only love and help me escape, but remind me to what level I need to be pushing my own.

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4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I’d Embarrass Myself to Meet”

  1. Erin Lindsey is an author I’ve interacted a lot with through social media, I would be so honored to meet her one day in person. I’ve also interviewed RJ Barker who seems like he would be a really fun guy! Same goes for Nicholas Eames!

  2. I love this list! If you decide to make it a dinner party and reserve the back room at that Italian restaurant I’m looking for an invite. OR I could cook the spaghetti…I make a really good spaghetti…or at least my kids think so.

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