Quest for Discovery

Quest for Discovery: Week Forty Two

Hello, friends!

So, last week, I was jazzed to get back into the swing of things. I was ready to kill edits on my novel, start working out again and generally just kill it.

And then, Tuesday night I got sick.

As of when I’m writing this (Saturday morning) I’m still sick and have spent more time in bed the past few days than out of it. I didn’t get any writing done, didn’t work out, missed work and am now completely unprepared for a vacation that, when you’re reading this, I’m currently on. And it’s just so positively frustrating, because who wants to get sick right before they go on vacation? It’s going to make a 15 hour car ride really interesting tomorrow, that’s for sure.

I’m trying hard to not stay angry about it, because it’s just rotten luck. Because as I get angry, then I think about all the things I would have done this week or what I missed out, because I got sick. Or how I’m not truly excited for this vacation because I’m worried I’m just going to be sick the entire time.

So, this update is more of a little rant, as all of my goals would be “Negative, Commander” status, so I didn’t bother to even fill them out (even if it that was out of my control). Hopefully, I’ll be on the mend sooner rather than later and the vacation isn’t a total bust because of that. Speaking of which, I’m now on vacation as this post goes live, so unfortunately, all the posts I planned to write ahead of time and schedule for this week aren’t happening, and I’ll also be away from the blogging world and social media in general. Though it’s going to take me ages, it feels like, to get caught back up, I promise I will catch up next week!

Until then, stay productive, stay positive and stay healthy!


6 thoughts on “Quest for Discovery: Week Forty Two”

      1. Glad to hear it 🙂 The MA is fantastic, but I’m glad I chose to study part time because it’s much more work than I expected. I submitted a short piece of writing to one of my tutors this week for feedback, and I’m nervously awaiting a response!

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