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Top Ten Tuesday: Elements That Scare Me (As Told Through Supernatural)

Welcome back to Top Ten Tuesday! Once hosted by The Broke and The Bookish, it is now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. It’s a weekly book feature where a topical list-prompt is posted and readers respond with their top ten for that prompt. Yours truly tends to go over ten, but hey, what can a passionate reader do?

This week’s topic is: Halloween Freebie!

So, as you’re able to find out in this post, I don’t read any a lot of scary books, whether they are horrors or just a thriller with horror elements. No matter how terrifying whatever element that is meant to scare me within the book actually is, my brain makes it 100x worse and then I can’t sleep for the next three days without the light being on, my entire body on the bed and under the covers while listening to Disney soundtracks. So for my freebie this week, I thought I’d describe what exactly does scare me within the genre, even though I wish it didn’t, so I could get more into it.

**Special apology for the special bombardment of all caps, the italicizing/bolding and the cussing. I just can’t talk about horror without using all these features to express myself**

dean winchester GIF

Mirrors: I usually don’t like mirrors simply because I’m not the biggest fan of my own appearance, but when you move but your reflection doesn’t? And then tries to come out of it at you? Yeah, fuck that, no thank you.

scared guys GIF

Clowns: Not even really sure where this fear came from, but I am absolutely NOT HAVING IT. And now, with IT being remade into a new film series and everyone had a phase of dressing up as clowns and running around our campus with knives to scare people and I work until midnight and have to walk ten minutes to my car!? Ohfuckyeahnothankyouneveragainplease.

scared GIF

Jump Scares: I’ve seen a handful of scary films, thanks to peer pressure and because I really did honestly want to like them (which I discuss a little bit more in-depth with this post). But what scares me more than whatever is on the screen is the fact that I know something is going to pop out and scare me and I HATE THEM (and the music so does not help).

supernatural spn GIF

Disease: This one is unique in the sense that, if you asked me to list the scary things that terrify me off the top of my head, this one doesn’t really make the list (ironic, I know, since it made this one). But reading Stephen King’s The Stand, I don’t think I’ve ever read something that, when I sneezed as I was reading it, I was so freaked out that I had to stop reading and go take a shower.

scared dean winchester GIF

Things I Can’t See: One of the films I was forced to see watched was Paranormal Activity, where you can’t see the demon thing that’s haunting them, so they set up a camera (nope) and are able to see it approaching the bed by leaving flour on the floor and leaving tracks (double nope), even though YOU CAN’T SEE IT?

I want to throw up just thinking about it.

Also, when animals can see something but humans can’t? Yeah, the amount of times I’ve tackled my dogs or ran out of the room because my cats wouldn’t stop staring at the corner of a wall is not exactly a few…

dean winchester running GIF

Zombies/Ghouls: This is another one that isn’t a “normal” fear for me, like I mentioned with diseases, even though it’d freak me the hell out if they were real, but it really cemented after playing Fallout 4 and the ghouls would move really slowly, until they saw you, and then they’d MOVE REALLY FAST right at you.

I think I almost broke a couple of controllers trying to panic fire at them before throwing them away (screaming so loudly that my boyfriend, who was outside of our apartment, rushed in to see what was wrong), so fuccccccccccck me, nope.

Animated GIF

The Dark: Lame? Potentially. But do I feel a lot safer when my brain starts thinking about any of these subjects head on if I turn on the light? You betcha (my bed covers are also an exceptional defensive mechanism).

no escape crowley GIF

Being Stuck/Trapped: I don’t like situations where you can’t get out, but this one ties in more to a film (Scream? When a Stranger Calls? I can’t remember) I saw when I was a teenager (again, why did my friends force me to watch these!?!?) and someone was on the phone calling for help and then someone else was like, “The call was coming from inside the house.”

Yeah, nope. *throws up and passes out from fear*

so many feelings no GIF

Possessed Dolls/Children: The GIF honestly describes everything I feel on that matter.

I have no doubt there are definitely more elements that freak me the fuck out, which is why I don’t usually read horrors or watch any scary movies. It’s a genre I wish I could get into more, because I know it’s fantastic and I’m missing out. But my own brain is probably what I should be afraid of most, because it is what takes these elements above and magnifies them to sleep-depriving proportions. So, even though I love Halloween and have a lot of respect for the genre, I’m going to stick with my epic fantasy and regency romances, thanks. I just love sleep too much.

Also, special shout out to Supernatural for coming in clutch in the GIF game so I didn’t have to look up actual examples from all of these elements. *shudders* (Also also, to further the irony, I actually watched the first six seasons of this show and loved it. I just didn’t sleep much the next few days after watching it.)


17 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Elements That Scare Me (As Told Through Supernatural)”

  1. Okay, I admit it. This post made me laugh at yer silliness. Hardy har har! I do appreciate and sympathize with yer fears. I mean who doesn’t think clowns are creepy. And the horror movie musics always makes me jump. Which annoys me. But in general I am either bored or laugh at horror movies. But the way that ye wrote about yer fears and the gifs were just pure brilliance. At least horror season ends tomorrow! Arrr!
    x The Captain

    1. Hey, if I could make you laugh, Cap’n, then I think that’s a job well done in my book! I am always impressed by those who are able to just laugh off a horror film without being worse for wear. Obviously, I’m the complete opposite (hell, even when watching something that just has scary elements, I crush my boyfriend’s hand in a deathgrip). Always a pleasure to chat with you! ❤

    1. Ha, thank you! I wish it could have been more book-based, but I haven’t read enough horror to come up with ten books (or I might have, I dunno). UGH, don’t even get me started on them just watching and waiting. No, thank you!

      *goes to check your post*

      Thanks for reading!

  2. I can’t remember which horror movie it was, but I once saw this scene where the character looked in the mirror and moved, but his reflection didn’t move at the same time and was like a second or a beat behind. THAT creeped me the hell out!

  3. I immediately liked the post after I saw Dean’s face. Are you from supernatural fandom? I mean I’m going to read the post. But this is more important to me now. Are you?

  4. I apologise for the sudden intrusion. I was excited? (Sorry) This is so relatable post. And I’m just curious to ask, why did you discontinue Supernatural?

    1. Oh gosh, no intrusion at all! So yes, I used to watch Supernatural, but honestly, I just went to college and didn’t have a TV anymore, so then I didn’t watch it and stopped watching TV in general and then I became a heavier gamer, so a lot of my free time is with video games instead of TV shows, so it just sorta…happened?

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