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Happy N7 Day!

Hello, everyone!

Happy N7 Day!

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Honestly, this is a holiday that definitely sneaks up on me every year, but it’s one that I still love to celebrate, regardless (even if it might not be as popular as it once was). N7 Day is the celebration of everything Mass Effect, a video game created by the amazing and wonderful minds of BioWare.

As you might have gathered if you’ve read any of my older posts about the franchise (like this one or perhaps this one and oh, this one, too), Mass Effect is a franchise I got into really late, but one that I love dearly (and I think I always will). Though I’m in the rare camp in that I actually enjoyed Andromeda (and in a need of a replay, I think), it’s the original trilogy that truly captured my heart, before ripping it to shreds and then piecing it back together again, because it tells one of the most compelling and wrenching stories I think I’ve ever come across with Commander Shepard and her fight to save the galaxy from repeating a doomed recycle dying to the Reapers.

Listening to the score while writing this post, I have nothing but chills.

I also miss this game, a lot.

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I miss it because I became immersed within the world and the characters that lived there. They became friendships that honestly felt as real as those I have in real life (and that’s how you know BioWare did something right). I miss the space setting and the sci-fi elements (as I usually play a lot fantasy-heavy RPGs). I miss tumbling with the Krogans, flirting with the Turians and wanting to learn more about the Quarians. I miss arguing with my human companions, Kadian and Ashley (seriously, why did you both suck so bad?) and then hanging out in the cockpit with my best friend, Joker. I miss the one liners that still rip my heart out if I think about them and feeling like an overall badass every time I slipped my armor on and went out to do the best I could as Commander Shepard (even if I did lie about which place was my favorite on the Citadel).

This is a game that, if it were on the current gen consoles (and gosh, do I dream about that re-release, alongside the Dragon Age franchise, every day), I’d be playing more than any current game being released. Though don’t get me wrong. Because of how much I love both of BioWare’s hit franchises, I have so much anticipation for the upcoming Anthem. All I want is a new world as intricate and lore heavy as we’ve gotten before, with real, diverse and complex characters who make my decisions hard and my sacrifices worth it (and for the love of all that’s holy, give me romances that give me chills and make my toes curl). It’s a high standard to ask for, but it’s a standard that BioWare themselves created.video games GIF

I truly believe they can surpass it.

But forgive me if, especially today, I’m not reminiscing a little more than usual, instead of looking towards the future, wishing to go back and continue adventuring with my besties, Wrex and Grunt; waiting for Garrus to finally finish those calibrations so I can give him some calibrations of my own; eagerly awaiting to punch every Reaper I see in the face or taking out all of those Cerberus dogs at the knees.

So here’s to you, Commander. Thanks for the memories. Perhaps, one day, we’ll have the chance to make even more.

Signing off.

4 thoughts on “Happy N7 Day!”

  1. Okay, I’m gonna be doing some binge commenting (because my blogging’s been terrible lately I missed so many of your lovely posts *sigh*) and most of it is going to be “HAPPY BELATED _____! :D”

    So. *Cough* HAPPY BELATED N7 DAY!! I miss this series and I also loved Andromeda too! I honestly don’t get all the hate surrounding it. I was 10 hours into it, stopped, and was like, “Um, this is supposed to be a *bad* game? I’m having a ton of fun??”

    Also have you seen the new Cat Valente ME book that’s supposed to be the Quarian DLC we never got for Andromeda?

    1. Gosh, don’t worry about it! I did a lot of binge commenting after I got sick/went on vacation, so the fact that you caught up on my posts at all means the world. ❤

      YAY, HAPPY N7 (BELATED) DAY!! Right?! I was really confused, because although I had some qualms with some things, overall, I was enjoying it immensely and ready for any new DLCs or continuations of the series! So I'm definitely bummed they got bullied by the community to not make any more, but hopefully we *will* get to return to Mass Effect at some point.

      Wait, really!? *rushes to Goodreads*

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