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Let’s Do That Again

Hello, dear readers!

As you might have surmised, last weekend was my birthday! It was a really lovely one; perhaps one of the better ones I’ve had since planned birthday parties stopped being a thing, like when I was a kid. It wasn’t due to the wonderful and generous presents I received from family or friends, even though I appreciate every single one I received (thank you all so much, btw). Or the lovely cards that almost made me tear up or the fact that I got to go bowling, to the bookstore, to the movies and eat cake, all in one weekend!

No, it was because of the time I got to spent with people who I love.

I spent a lot of time with my boyfriend, who continues to make every day better than the last. I got to spend time with my family who I don’t get to see nearly as often as I would like, but getting to be with them for an afternoon was really lovely and I’m already excited for Thanksgiving coming up so quickly, which means we get to do it all over again! But what really stood out this year, for me, was the chance to hang out with so many friends, some of which I see pretty regularly, others who I hardly ever get to see at all.

But each one of them is so cherished and I was reminded of that heavily this past weekend, through so many jokes and laughter, hugs and stories, catching up and reminiscing. It was a little last minute, on my part (planned only a week in advance) where I invited some friends that lived close-ish to go bowling the day before my birthday. I was pleasantly surprised when almost everyone was able to make it and the entire night, I seriously had the best time.

friendship enjoying GIF

Honestly, it not only reminded me of how lucky I am, to have some really good friends in my life, but it also reminded me of how lonely adulthood can be, because you’re not surrounded by friends, like you are growing up. Inside, your life is consumed by work and full-time jobs, making once-in-a-while gatherings and catch up sessions feel rare, few and far between. I know some of that is out of my control, but I also know how much those sessions mean to me and how much my spirits are lifted when I get to see a friend I care about and finally catch-up in person.

It made me wish that happened more often.

I do know I can be a better communicator. Sure, in person lunch dates aren’t going to happen all the time, but a quick text letting someone know I’m thinking about them, I can do from anywhere. Or remembering an important date or event that a friend mentioned in passing and then asking them how it went or wishing them luck once it approaches can mean everything. It’s those little moments, those little reminders to those who are important to me, even if they are far away, that they still mean a lot. Yet I’ve forgotten how to do those things, instead caught up in my own world and routines of eat, sleep, workout, work, repeat.

I have a lot of goals for Year 26, but I think I’m going to add at least one more: being a better and more present friend, whatever that may look like as an adult and however I have to tweak that for each friendship I have. Because last weekend was amazing and lovely and wonderful and I miss it. I want to create more of those moments, if I can.


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