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Pledges of Honor: SPFBO Semi-Finalist

Title: Pledges of Honor Author: Joyce Reynolds-Ward Amount Read: 124 out of 594 (21%) Rating: 3 out of 5 Blurb: The suicide of a village healer sweeps Katerin, a wandering healer with a mysterious past, into the intrigues of Gods and humans. Can Katerin forge an alliance with the dangerously attractive Metkyi, avoid the curses… Continue reading Pledges of Honor: SPFBO Semi-Finalist

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Darkmage: SPBFO Semi-Finalist

Title: Darkmage Author: M.L. Spencer Publisher: January 2017, Stoneguard Publications Rating: 4 out of 5 Blurb: The hope of the world rests in the hands of a Darkmage. The Well of Tears is open and the terror of the night has been unleashed. Now, the last Sentinel left alive with the power to defend his… Continue reading Darkmage: SPBFO Semi-Finalist

Reading Outlook

Reading Outlook 2019

Hello, dear readers! Last year, I did a series called my Reading Outlook, which was basically like a goal TBR shelf I wanted to pull books from to read for the year. Though I positively love reading monthly TBR lists, I'm just never organized enough to do that and the pressure of listing books and… Continue reading Reading Outlook 2019