Title: Charmcaster
Author: Sebastien de Castell
Publisher: Sept 2018, Orbit books
Blurb: The third book in the page-turning Spellslinger fantasy series. 
‘I was getting almost as good at running away from enemies as I was at making them in the first place. Turns out, I wasn’t running nearly fast enough.’
Kellen has begun to master his spellslinging and the Argosi tricks for staying alive, and he and Reichis have found a career that suits them both: taking down mercenary mages who make people’s lives miserable. But Ferius is concerned that Kellen is courting disaster . . .

**Massive thanks to Orbit for the ARC, given in exchange for an honest review**

Oh man, this book, friends.

I adore this series, as you’d prolly know from reading my reviews over books one and two. The only reason I didn’t read the entirety of this book in one sitting, like the previous installments (instead taking a little over a month to read it, goodness me) was because I was still getting over my book hangover from McClellan’s series (it was seriously so good, you guys), plus the holiday madness and then being in a tad bit of a reading slump thanks to loving the aforementioned series so much (I mean, I did binge five of his books in a row, after all).

That said, I finally finished Charmcaster and it was just as great as the previous two, with everything I’ve come to expect from the series: having a ridiculous soft spot for Kellen, completely loving Reiches and Ferius, the wonderful worldbuilding, the slowly growing and ever rising plot in terms of stakes and intensity, the humor, the fantastic witty banter and dialogue, and the way characters, even ones you think might be minor, can come back to play a major role and surprise you.

What stood out for me in Charmcaster is how this book made me sad.

Like, I’m almost-crying-in-the-back-of-my-office-as-I-rapidly-finish-this-book-during-my-lunch-break kinda sad.


I just…have grown so attached to Kellen. He’s grown so much over the course of three books and I just want him to finally have a life that makes him happy where everyone isn’t out to kill him. Is that seriously so much to ask? Apparently, it is, because then you have [REACTED: ERROR, SPOILER] and like, Right? How does your heart not break for him after she tells him that, forcing him to [REACTED: ERROR, MAJOR SPOILER]?! Then, just when you think it’s safe, you read the last chapter and BAM! Suddenly my heart is breaking once more as [STOP TRYING TO WRITE SPOILERS] and I’m seriously struggling not to cry.

Of course, the blurb on the back of Soulbinder gives away nothing to either confirm or deny my fears (and I just honestly think my heart is going to be squeezed harder and harder, as I’m only halfway through this series), so after I read the next two books I planned to read, I may not be able to resist diving into book four…

I highly suggest this series. I’d noticed it in passing before Orbit began reprinting them, but I hadn’t looked too much into it, just another series on my relentless TBR list. I’m so thankful to Orbit for centering this series on my radar, because I’m positively hooked. Don’t make the mistake I made, friends. Read these books.

Read on!

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