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My Fears With Kingdom Hearts III

Hello, dear readers!

I hope you’re doing well on this (for me, anyway) frigid Thursday. And I may warm it up a bit by bringing in a little heat, a little controversy, to my blog topic today, by talking about my fears when it comes to Kingdom Hearts III. Namely, why I’m hesitant to be excited about it?

Kingdom Hearts Laughing GIF

Before you start calling for me to be taken to the stake, hear me out. The story of Kingdom Hearts, for me, I believe is a familiar one; or at least one that isn’t completely unheard of. It was the game that got me into gaming, the game that we first bought after getting a PS2 as a kid. It was the game that brought my brother and I close together, as he would sit and watch me play for hours after I got home from school, him being ten years  younger than me. In turn, it would be the game that, years later, I’d come home and sit and watch him play, and it was one of the first things that really cemented my relationship with him.

I loved it. I fell in love with Sora and his story, rooting for him the entire way. I definitely have had a crush on Riku (and Axel). I loved the Heartless and learning more and more about the world we were in, while desperately trying to unlock another world, if only to see what world we got to explore next. Getting to explore some of my favorite Disney stories was just too much fun. I devoured Kingdom Hearts and loved the second installment just as much. All I wanted, for the longest time, was to know how the story continued in three.

I’ve ranted many times over the wait for Kingdom Hearts III, about the false release dates and false promises; about how I bought Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and then Kingdom Hearts 2.5, so I could replay and refresh my memory on the story, before three was released, only to have it be another pushed back date. My trust in SquareEnix has completely shattered and I don’t think I’ll fully believe the third game actually exists until it’s installed on my PS4 and I’m actually playing it. Because like so many others, I have waited a long time for three.

But I’ve also grown up.

Kingdom Hearts GIF

I don’t mean grown up like games aren’t for me anymore. I am most certainly older, of course, in my late twenties now, but asides from Kingdom Hearts and Baldur’s Gate, I didn’t play a whole lot else, when it came to video games, for a long time. I went off to college and barely had time for reading–not to mention that the PS3 my brother and I shared was “technically” his, so it stayed at the house.

Eventually, that itch did return and my brother had switched to PC gaming, so I stole the PS3 and discovered an entirely new slew of open world RPGs that made my heart soar: SkyrimDragon Age, Mass Effect, Witcher, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Assassin’s Creed, Fallout; I couldn’t possibly name them all. I ended up getting a PS4 for Christmas a few years ago that is solely my own and now, I hardly even watch movies or TV shows anymore (much to my Mom and sister’s chagrin). The precious spare time I do have, its’s in these beautiful worlds, immersed in these incredible stories.

And that’s where my fear lies. That after I’ve experienced stories with such depths of gameplay, graphics and storylines, that Kingdom Hearts III won’t live up to my new expectations (which are, admittedly, pretty high now). I have no doubt that the game itself is enhanced (at least, I’d hope, considering how long they took to make it *still not over it*), but I know myself. In order to fully understand three, I need to go back and replay one and two. But I just…don’t really want to, if I’m being honest?

Don’t get me wrong: I still love those games with a passion and every time I hear that score (like I’m listening to right now, as I write this), I am filled with nothing but nostalgia and warmth. And there are so many elements I’m excited about that have been teased with III, not least of all playing in the worlds of Tangled and Pirates of the Carribean.

But I remember vaguely a few parts during my first time replaying, a few years ago, but not enough to know the full story anymore–which I would definitely want to know fully before playing three, as I don’t want my experience with the story to be hindered by my own forgetful ignorance. Yet at the same time, there…are worlds within the franchise and moments I just have no desire to replay, but I’d have to, in order to beat the game, of course. And time is something I just don’t have an abundance of, anymore, you know (the other shitty part about growing up). I do realize I could just watch or read about the story line, but it’s different than playing it yourself?

video games mugen fighting GIF

So…that’s kinda where I’m at, right now, with Kingdom Hearts III. I have no doubt that I’ll buy and play it, but I’m nervous about it, because I do have so much love and respect and nostalgia tied to this series. But I waited so long for this and now I’m worried that my expectations are too high and it won’t deliver; or that I’ll never replay the first two, instead just diving back into three, and the story and answers within it will feel muted because of that.

So hopefully all the diehards won’t throw me to the stake for that confession. A part of my heart will always belong with Sora; my childhood is almost entirely his. But now that the time is finally here to continue his journey, I’m apprehensive to do so. But once I do, you’ll definitely hear all about it, I’m sure.


25 thoughts on “My Fears With Kingdom Hearts III”

  1. It feels surreal to have this game being released. It’s been 13 years after KH 2, 13 years for god sake. Readers are complaining about the wait for Winds of Winter and Doors of Stone… I have waited 10 years for Final Fantasy XV and 13 years for KH III!!! xD

    I understand your feelings though. FF XV disappointed me, after 10 years of waiting, it didn’t live up to the expectation. This is why I’m approaching KH3 with caution. I will play it, not now, but after the hype has died down a bit. This will be the last Kingdom Hearts I play after all!

    1. Has it truly been 13 years!? Shit, no wonder I feel like a completely different person who is going in to play 3!

      I’m definitely apprehensive about it (obviously) but I’m also still excited. Because if it *does* live up to the hype, then it’ll be the most epic nostalgia ride of my life. But I agree, I think I’m going to try and replay the first two and then play it (which will obviously be well after the release, at least in this case).

  2. My preorder is in and when it comes, I’ll be playing the hell out of it. Like you, it’s been years since my last venture into the Kingdom Hearts world, but I think I’m going to use that huge time gap to my advantage and approach this one with a blank slate. This means I’ll not replay anything or even read up on the game, I’m just going to go in blind and take whatever’s coming at face value 🙂

  3. I don’t have that much of a history with the franchise, having first climbed aboard after the E3 reveal back in… 2013. (Wow, its been that long.) I watched the fan reactions and thought to myself that a game that could elicit such emotional reactions must be worth getting into. 5 years on, I’m playing through the HD collection, and am still working my way through it (finishing 2 and starting 3D soon-ish). I thought I would be done after I finished 2, but apparently 3D and Birth By Sleep are “essentials” to the story too. So it will be a long while before I get to Kingdom Hearts 3.

    Hopefully it will a grand old time for you! I’ll be waiting to hear your thoughts on it 🙂

    1. Well, after writing this post, of course nostalgia hit me right in the feels, so I restarted playing KH over the weekend (what is wrong with me!?). But you’re right, if I want to replay all of them (some of them for the first time, like those added in on that HD collection for the PS4 I never played thanks to being on other platforms), it’s going to be a hot minute before I actually get to play KH3. But I’m hoping it will be incredible, once I do. And I’ll definitely be posting my thoughts, whenever I get there!

      1. That’s great! The first KH1 was such nostalgic experience for me too, though in my case, the nostalgia came from the Disney films.

        You should finish everything in the HD Collection. Based on some rumors I’ve heard, EVERYTHING in that collection is touched on or referenced at some point in KH3. I was planning to skip the mobile game stuff, guess KH3 is just slightly further away.

      2. I think that’s what I’m going to do. I’m three worlds away from beating KH and then I think I’ll just play through the HD Collection, because half of them, I’ve never played! Sure, I won’t get to III until the hype is over (potentially), but at least I’ll be fully caught up on the story!

  4. I’m hesitant too. On the one hand I want to play it right now, on the other I haven’t replayed the first two recently either, I’ve forgotten a lot about the story, and there are so many other things I’m trying to do before I’m back at uni! (Including finding time for the Tales of Vesperia remake, which is another favourite 🙂 ) I think the long wait put Kingdom Hearts low on my priority list, which would make 12 year old me very sad, but adult me not too bothered. I’ll play it eventually too of course 🙂

    1. Yes, exactly! I did cave after writing this post, though, and started replaying the first installment. Though I kinda wish I was playing the third one like everyone else so I can enjoy all the hype, I’m glad I’m taking the time to replay the previous games, so I can refall in love with the world all over the again. (and damn if I don’t just love Sora). When you do end up playing it, I can’t wait to hear what you think!

      1. I did exactly the same xD I decided against replaying KH1 again though because I’ve played it four or five times. I started with the HD collection Chain of Memories, which I’ve never played, but I couldn’t get on with the battle and play style (so grindy!) so I watched cutscenes on Youtube instead 😛 I’ve now started KH2, which makes much more sense knowing what happened in Chain of Memories!

      2. That’s totally fair! I think this is my…third playthrough for KH1? I’ve played Chain of Memories once before and I *hated* the card playing style, so we’ll see if I do any better with it replaying it or if I end up going to the cut scenes. 😛

      3. Same, Chain of Memories felt too much like going through random dungeons over and over again, the card system was tricky, and I missed the hack and slash of KH1 😛 Kudos for making it all the way though it once!

      4. I’ve gotten really lucky and we’ve had an ice storm hit, so I’ve been off work yesterday and today, so able to play quite a bit! Gosh, I always forget about that, too! I hope you’re enjoying it!

  5. hey! just stumbled upon your post now!~ are you playing the game now? My story is pretty similar to yours, only that after I have gone into college I could not afford a playstation anymore so I can’t play the 4th installment of the series. So i watched the entire gameplay on youtube 😦 I was also afraid that after having “grown up” and waited so long I would lose interest in the saga. luckily I was wrong. By watching the gameplay of the third I got into the series again and these days rewatching all the cutscenes of the previous games to understand better the plot; especially those games that came out for other than playstation and psp.

    1. I actually went back and am replaying the series with the HD Collection. *laughs until she cries* I just find it so ironic, that I was complaining about not wanting to replay it, and here I am almost at The End of the World again. But I’m glad you were able to rewatch it and get back into the series! Are you playing 3 yet (please, no spoilers!)?

      1. Nope, as i said i dont have a ps4 😦 so i have watched the entire kingdom hearts 3 gameplay on youtube. Its good u are replaying the remix version because the third game can be a bit convoluted at some points, nonetheless great!~ ^^ i suggest you also watch one of those videos summarizing the series

      2. Oh, sorry, I misread that! I thought you had gotten once since then. I’m sorry you haven’t been able to play it, but I will definitely have to watch some bits to catch up to it!

  6. -not a spoiler i think-
    Having been die hard over it through the entire series I had to have it, but it’s weird… It’s a great game, it gave me some mad feels, and I can’t help but feel that it’s… on me? Like I lost my child sense of wonder. There was a time where I was convinced that, in the first one, if you missed heartless in the gummi missions then your bullets would hit the world that you’re headed to. I thought that this would make the people there dislike sora. I’ve replayed all of them for my children and they adore it.
    Btw ffxv FUCKED me up. I couldn’t even human for weeks after that, the story is beautiful, but to be fair as far as feels go I’m quite vulnerable. Anyways I digress. KH 3 ties together the stories of all of their games very well and ends in a sweet fantasia of nostalgic embrace.

    1. I definitely think the age difference is going to play a factor in my enjoyment of it, because you’re right: it doesn’t have the sense of wonder that it did for little me, over a decade ago. I’m still excited to play it and am halfway through my KH II playthrough!

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