Questing Series

Quest for Balance: Week Nine

Hello, dear readers!

Wow, am I so behind.

Last Sunday, I woke up nauseous–a feeling that didn’t go away until yesterday, a week later, forcing me to sleep and stay in bed for a week straight. It sounds nice if one was feeling fine, but when you’re feeling like shit and can’t do anything, it really, really sucks (but definitely makes you appreciate it when you’re healthy). Add on the fact that I just made my To-Do list for this week, which is basically two weeks slammed into one, and I’m just trying to do my best to not fall into sickness again thanks to all the stress.

twenty one pilots GIF

*sighs heavily*

One step at a time, shall we?

Writing: Write two books and edit two books. Query at least one.

  • Last Week’s Goal: N/A.
  • Weekly Goal: Work on fleshing out history and backstory 4x this week.
    • Though I am really behind and this topic is getting an entire blog post of it’s own, this week, I’m also excited to finally start working on this.

Health: Educate and Execute.

  • Last Week’s Goal: N/A.
  • Weekly Goal: Workout 4x. Eat well.
    • If there is one thing being forced to stay prone for a week does to you, it’s remind you how wonderful being healthy is and how important it is to make that a priority. Really ready to go to the gym this week.

Reading: Make reading a priority. Read 75 books.

  • Last Week’s Goals: N/A.
  • Weekly Goals: Read more!

Blog: Continue blogging consistently and figuring out my brand.

  • Last Week’s Goals: N/A.
  • Weekly Goal: N/A.

Financial: Frugality and Flexibility.

  • Last Week’s Goals: N/A.
  • Weekly Goals:Β Pay bills.

Last Weeks Goals:

  • Catch up on emails.
  • Schedule tax appointment.
  • Attend 4+ work meetings.
  • Prep Green Team materials.
  • Finish reading for Tolkien Society meeting.
  • Go see How to Train Your Dragon 3. ❀

Other Weekly Goals:

  • Catch up on emails.
  • Begin beta reading novels (x2).
  • Go to various house showings.
  • Update phone billing, fitness plans and budget.
  • Attend various work meetings.
  • Prep for spring break hecticness.
  • Attempt to catch up from sickness?

With how cold it is staying and everything else in-between, just a friendly reminder to take care of yourselves, friendos: drink your fluids, get your sleep and don’t forget an apple or two. I hope your week is productive, positive and healthy!


10 thoughts on “Quest for Balance: Week Nine”

  1. Aghhhhh being sick is the worst. I’m glad you’re feeling better and ready to hit the ground running again. Having made my weekly to do list today as well, I definitely feel the “Nooooow I’m even more stressed…great” feeling. But you/we got this!

  2. Being sick sucks, I’m still trying to get caught up with my plans that got derailed when I got sick last month. Sometimes, I feel like I’m planning to much and that not factoring in downtime isn’t too healthy.
    Glad to hear you’re back on your feet and I hope you’re doing a better job than I am at catching up πŸ™‚

    1. I think I do the same thing with planning too much. I definitely don’t plan near enough downtime or wiggle room, which makes missing deadlines way too stressful. A lesson to be learned there, I think.

      Ha! Last week was okay, but hopefully this one will be better! I know we can do it (even if it’s a slow catch-up).

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