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First Ever Unboxing Post!

Hello, lovelies!

I hope you’re doing good on this Monday evening. Today’s post is a little different for me, but I’m still pretty excited about it.

It’s an unboxing post!

What does that mean? Well, it’s not your typical subscription box unboxing, where you show off all the items you got inside the box. I actually don’t subscribe to any of those boxes and don’t know too much about any of them, either. Mostly because I know myself and I know if I got interested in one and subscribed, my wallet would never survive. And I need my wallet to survive.

Instead, I received a special Legacy of Heavens box. It was created by Wunderkind to help spread the word about Tina Lecount Myers’ series by the same title. Receiving the box in the mail was really cool and I can definitely see why people subscribe to subscription boxes in the first place. It’s a lot of fun to open up a box of goodies while you ignore the pile of bills you just received.

But I think the story of how the box even came to me is almost just as cool.

You see, I was catching up on blog posts, as one does on a Sunday afternoon, when I stumbled across a book review for The Song of All by Tina Lecount Myers. And it sounded really good, so I wrote that in the comments. Then, a few days later, I get an email from someone in the PR department of Wunderkind, asking if I’d like to receive the same Legacy of Heavens box that blogger received, since I was interested in the series! Those kinds of things don’t happen to me, so I was pretty stoked about it.

So, what was in the box?

Let me show you:


The box itself was large and green, so I was already excited to open it, as I usually don’t receive mail like that. (Even my Mom–who gets my packages currently, thanks to the sketchy neighborhood I live in and their track record of lost packages–texted me after it arrived and was like, “What is this?”)


So, I open it and discover a mask of purple, hiding the goodies inside. I wasn’t very patient, and quickly unfolded the paper, though careful not be too rough, as I didn’t want to break one of the items I knew to be inside (my second favorite item, honestly).


First up is an awesome bookmark that matches the cover of the second book, plus two pieces of Finish candy (as this series is based off of indigenous Scandinavian folklore), which, spoiler: were delicious.


Next is a handwritten note with a personalized tarot card! I’ve never really been into tarot decks myself, but I still couldn’t get over how cool (and gorgeous) this was.


Then (one of the items I was looking forward to the most), there was a wonderful candle, with scents reminiscent of the Finnish forest. And it.smells.fantastic.


Finally, the items I was most excited about: the books! I was lucky enough to receive both books in the series currently: the first, The Song of All and then the recently-released sequel, Dreams of the Dark Sky. They sound super interesting and I’m really excited to read them!

Please note that cats are not included in this box, but, if any are nearby, they will find it and use it for their own devices.

For my first ever book box package, I thought this was really incredible! It’s a really fun way to promote this series and definitely helped amp up my excitement for it. My sincere thanks to Wunderkind and the author for sending me this package. Stay tuned for my reviews of these books, hopefully over the summer!

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15 thoughts on “First Ever Unboxing Post!”

  1. Ahhh, bookish boxes are so exciting to get in the mail! I don’t subscribe to any kind of book boxes, because the shipping fees are… well, atrocious for international people like me, but I love reading and seeing these kind of unboxing. I’m so glad to hear someone reached out to send you a great book like that, it’s so amazing (and you deserve it!!). It must have been so exciting to get this in the mail and open it. I hope you’ll love the books, they look good!! 😀

    1. Ahh, thank you! And I’m so sorry that it’s so expensive to ship out to you. The system is very unfair for international bloggers and hopefully it’s something that can be addressed sooner rather than later. I hope the books are good, because they definitely look really good!!

      1. I wish it were easier, but I guess shipping fees isn’t something we can easily change unfortunately. I’m living all of the thrill of opening bookish boxes like this one through posts just like yours and I’m thankful for that 😀

      2. It really sucks and I wish it were something we *could* change (and perhaps I’m naive, but I feel like it’s something we totally could?). Hopefully, one day! 🙂

  2. It is a gorgeous box! I see you tried the mints 😀 I totally forgot about them, but when I took part in this tour I remembered them again, and gaaah they were delicious. And apparently a Finnish friend told me those aren’t even their best brand they have there lol.

  3. These book boxes are pretty cool. I’ve wanted to join one but haven’t wanted to fork over the money. Having the publicist send one though is really cool.

    I’ll be curious what you think of the books. I read book one last year…I didn’t personally like it.

    1. Yeah, I’ve never wanted to do the money, either. I’ve always wanted to do a gaming one, but I’m nervous I won’t like what’s in the box or I’ll get all this stuff I have no room for. *shrugs*

      Interesting! I’ll definitely let you know what I think, of course, though it prolly won’t be until late summer before I read them.

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