Questing Series

Quest for Balance: Week Nineteen

Hello, lovelies!

It feels like it’s been a hot minute, even though I only missed one week of blogging. But, when someone tells you that you’re going to actually need some recovery time from after getting your wisdom teeth removed, you should totally believe them. Because oof, that was rough.

But, in more exciting news, the countdown to moving has begun (FOUR MORE WEEKS) and our puppy was born on May 1st and we get to meet her on June 15th before getting to take her home on June 29th and I’m just (!!!!!!).

This is also my last week working nights until the end of August and I am so ready to switch to that summer schedule and actually get to see people again.

Now, let’s set some goals for the week, shall we?

happy benedict cumberbatch GIF

Writing: Write two books and edit two books. Query at least one.

  • Last Week’s Goal: N/A.
  • Weekly Goal: Edit 4x.
    • I didn’t get to edit at all last week, but I’m very excited to get back into it this week!

Health: Educate and Execute.

  • Last Week’s Goal: N/A.
  • Weekly Goal: Focus on loving myself.
    • I need to still work on this, but especially more actively work on this. Not sure 100% how, but we’ll get there.

Reading: Make reading a priority. Read 75 books.

  • Last Week’s Goals: N/A.
  • Weekly Goals: Actually read more.
    • Despite still trying to get out of a reading slump, I’m also still really bummed with how much time I waste on social media (especially in the evenings, after my dinner break) instead of spending that time reading. Hoping to actually start working on that habit this week!

Blog: Continue blogging consistently and figuring out my brand.

  • Last Week’s Goals: N/A.
  • Weekly Goal: N/A.

Financial: Frugality and Flexibility.

  • Last Week’s Goals: N/A.
  • Weekly Goals: Pay May bills.

Last Weeks Goals:

  • Respond to emails.
  • Start prepping for end-of-the-semester hecticness.
  • Work on Jeff’s beta reading.
  • Finish last SPFBO book!

Other Weekly Goals:

  • Emails.
  • Start moving prep.
  • Catch up on letters.
  • Finish prepping next interview.
  • Finishing summer schedule for work.
  • Finish Jeff’s final beta.

I’m hoping this week can be much more productive and positive. Though I enjoyed being able to play a lot of video games while I was laid up on pain meds last week, not moving and not having the mental capacity to do anything sucked and I’m really hoping to reset and start focusing on myself again; my health, my craft, my goals and making this life the best that I can. Looking forward to seeing just exactly how that shapes up!

I hope your week is productive, positive and healthy!


2 thoughts on “Quest for Balance: Week Nineteen”

    1. Ohmygosh, yes. And if it’s not in one area (like, work should slow done a bit over the summer), then it’s amped up in another (but we’re moving and getting a puppy, so life is going to turn upside down).

      Hope things are going well on your end, though!

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