SPFBO 5 Cover Contest: TSWI Edition

Hello, lovelies!

Every year, the SPFBO community has a cover contest, to highlight some of the gorgeous covers that this contest has to offer which then YOU get the opportunity to vote which is your favorite! Mark writes it best in his announcement post, which I’ll quote below:

Each year I run a cover contest for the SPFBO entrants. Each blog choses its 3 favourite covers from their pool of 30 entrants. The 30 favourites collected from the 10 blogs are then voted on in separate ballots by the bloggers and by the public.

The public vote is of course a bit of fun and subject to all the issues of brigading and cheating that online polls often are – though our anti-cheat software is more effective than the raw poll results might lead you to believe.

So, here’s a post announcing my top three covers! Of course, this is all subjective taste and whatnot, so always take that into account.

Authors, if I wasn’t able to dig up the information on my own, can you let me know who did your cover art so I can give credit?


The God King’s Legacy by Richard Nell
Cover Design: STK Kreations (Shawn T. King)

My favorite cover out of my batch. The way the colors contrast, how the inclusion of the gun and the sword make it obvious this is a flintlock fantasy, but, my favorite bit, how the title seems to sweep through and go through the eyes of our front and center character, seemingly blinding him and causing him the pain he’s screaming about? Foreshadowing something that happens in the novel or just an incredible cover design? Guess I gotta read to find out…


Fortune’s Fool by Angela Boord
Cover Artist: John Anthony Di Giovanni and STK Kreations (Shawn T. King)

I love just the…feel of this cover, if that makes any sense. The novel is Renaissance inspired, I believe, and the cover’s painting-esque style gives off that vibe. I like the way the sun comes in from the window we can’t really see and highlights her face, the way the cards were obviously just thrown and how she has a metallic arm that you don’t notice immediately but when you do, you just (!!!)??! Totally intrigues me and piques my interest!


Shadow of the Overlord by Kevin Potter
Cover Artist: Alerim at 99designs

Two heroes standing from beyond holding some epic looking weapons in some even more epic looking armor while watching as a MOTHAFUCKING DRAGON sets fire to a city that I can only assume they care about!? I mean, hello, yes please. Plus, the way the colors start off dark and then get lighter, only to end in darkness again (regardless of whether you start from the top or the bottom of the book) is very well done.

To see all the potential covers, you can check out the 30 books in my group on the Goodreads list here.

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6 thoughts on “SPFBO 5 Cover Contest: TSWI Edition”

  1. In my cover reveal post for Fortunes Fool I’ve got the cover artist and cover designer listed. Also don’t know if you noticed it but there’s a gun in the table in front of her (lower right).

  2. Hey Nicole,

    First, I’m thrilled that you selected my book for the cover contest! Thank you so much!

    Now, the cover for Shadow of the Overlord was made by Mirella Barbu, who goes by the name Alerim at 99designs.

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