SPFBO 5 Taste Tester Results: No 7

Hello, lovelies!

Happy Monday!

Like I mentioned last week, we’re playing catch up on books that survived while slowly announcing the remaining of my fallen (so far). After today’s post, I believe I’ll have three more posts before I’ve cut my first 15 books from the contest! Then, after that, I’ll start slowly continuing to cut from my remaining 15 (for teasing purposes, I’ve read and made decisions on three additional books so far and am currently halfway done reading a fourth) before I’ll finally announce semifinalists and then, ultimately, my finalist! Slowly and steadily, we are making progress!

Commiseration to the fallen and congrats to the next books to survive the first cull!

The Fallen

43546268. sy475

Title: Plumbess Seg
: Jude Fawley
Published: August 2018
Amount Read: 50 of 329 pages (15%)
Rating: 2 out of 5 gems
Blurb: For as long as she can remember, Seg has lived in the Orphanage. She was brought there by her spiteful mentor, Plumbess Roc, to learn the art and danger of Plumbing—to become a Plumbess. But when Seg struggles, when she finds nightmares in Plumbing’s dark recesses, she always turns to another Plumbess—the warm, caring Plumbess Zag—for solace.

Until Zag dies.

Seg blames Eck for Zag’s death—Eck who was raised by snakes, Eck who left a scar on Seg’s neck when they were children. When Seg finally leaves the Orphanage, to find a Pipe Lord and do her work, she’s weighed down by loss, hatred, and the heavy Lead around her neck, which reopens her old scar. But she takes her plunger in hand and follows the pipes, even though they lead back to her nightmares—and back to Eck.

Interestingly enough, in-between SPFBOs, the author reached out to me and asked if I’d like a review copy, but I turned it down due to being swamped with my own reads, though the premise and cover both intrigued me. So, when it was put into my batch, I thought that was a really neat turn of events, so now, I got the chance to read it after all!

Unfortunately, it ended up being not my cup of tea.

Once again, we saw the paragraph breaks between each paragraph, which just felt really odd to me. Perhaps it’s a stylistic choice, but for me, an extra space between paragraphs means a time break of some sort, so it was weird to see that happen between every paragraph and yet it’s the same scene and conversation/event. Beyond that, I found the writing to be a little hard to follow, especially after we experience a time jump of Seg becoming the Plumbess in the first chapter, to suddenly going back to her childhood, with no indication of when we’re returning to present day. It almost felt like the first chapter was a prologue that wasn’t labeled as such, so then I was a little caught off guard when we time jumped?

Although the concept and world/magic system itself is truly unique and piqued my curiosity, the writing style, formatting and lack of grounding made it a pass for me. If it is something that sounds interesting to you, however, I hope you pick it up and enjoy it!

2 stars

To Be Continued

45274933. sy475

Title: Fortune’s Fool
Author: Angela Boord
Published: June 2019
Amount Read: TBD
Rating: TBD
Blurb: A secret affair. A disfiguring punishment. A burning need for revenge.

Kyrra d’Aliente has a bad reputation and an arm made of metal.

Cast out of the safe and luxurious world of silk to which she was born, played as a pawn in a game of feuding Houses, Kyrra navigates a dangerous world of mercenaries, spies, and smugglers while disguising herself as a man.

War destroyed her family and the man she loved.

Vengeance is within her grasp.

But is she willing to pay its price?

divider 1

40527043. sy475

Title: Fid’s Crusade
Author: David H. Reiss
Published: June 2018
Amount Read:  TBD
Rating: TBD
Blurb: Rage, grief and guilt have fueled Doctor Fid’s endless quest to punish the unworthy and he has left a long trail of blood and misery in his wake. For more than two decades, the sight of the villain’s powered armor has struck fear into the hearts of hero and civilian alike! But when a personal tragedy motivates Doctor Fid to investigate a crime, he uncovers a plot so heinous that even he is taken aback.

Haunted by painful memories and profound guilt, the veteran supervillain must race against time if he is to have any hope of confronting the approaching threat. Every battle takes its toll…but the stakes are too high for retreat to be an option.

In the end, it may take a villain to save the world from those entrusted with the world’s protection.

As mentioned before, a full review will come both of these books later, as my interest was piqued enough to continue reading. For Fortune’s Fool, it was hard for me to stop and start a different book (so I could complete this Taste Tester round) because I was just enjoying myself so much, so I am definitely excited to dive back into this. For Fid’s Crusade, I am so curious if I’m going to continue enjoying this or not, because I’m normally not a big fan of reading superhero stories, but the writing was just so well done in what I’ve read so far and there was a scene that just broke my heart already, so I couldn’t cut it, not yet. Like the others, in this second round, I’ll continue reading until I decide it’s not my finalist or finish it!

And there’s my next one cut and next two book moving forward (not a semi-finalist yet, mind, but still in the running to become one). Check back on this space next Monday to see the fate of my next three books!

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10 thoughts on “SPFBO 5 Taste Tester Results: No 7”

  1. Too bad about Plumbess Seg, but I hope the next one will be more your cup of tea! On another note, kudos for keeping up with SPFBO, I know it’s a lot of work but I think you’re doing great and making fantastic progress.

  2. I read FORTUNE’S FOOL recently and I’m looking forward to your thoughts on it. 🙂

    Hopefully the author’s you’ve flagged strange formatting for can sort that out, since that’s a relatively easy fix.

    Also I’ve just realised your comment box says ‘questions comments or angry remarks’. I hope the latter doesn’t happen too often! XD

    1. I am very excited to pick it back up!

      Apparently it’s an conversion issue (as a couple of books had had that happen) which is shitty. I haven’t cut a book solely for a formatting issue, but it *does* change the reading of a book, unfortunately.

      Hahaha,I stole that from a high school teacher. Luckily, hardly ever! *fingers crossed it stays that way*

      1. It seems pretty clear that you haven’t cut solely for that, but … yeah, it does suck, and yeah it really would change the reading. Even very small formatting issues really irk me with ebooks so I get it.

        Hope your comments remain good and friendly then! ^_^

      2. Same thing happens with print books. It sucks when it happens, but it *is* a factor, as are so many other things that sometimes, an author can’t control (like the reader’s mindset while they’re reading, for example).

        ❤ ❤

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