SPFBO 5 Taste Tester Results: No 10

Hello, lovelies!

Happy Monday!

And we’ve finally made it! After ten weeks, this post serves as my final taste tester post, where I announced which books made it after my 50-page sampling to get a feel of each novel and which didn’t–an even, 15-15 split, believe it or not!

To the last two to have their fates revealed, thanks for your patience! And to all of those who were cut, please remember how subjective not only reading itself is, but publishing is as a whole. I hope these reviews will still guide readers to your books and that you never stop writing books as long as you want to continue writing them! Thank you for letting me consider your work.

Commiseration to the fallen and congrats to the next book to survive the first cull!

The Fallen


Title: The Humming Blade
: Christopher Clark
Published: March 2016
Amount Read: 50 of 867 pages (8%)
Rating: 2 out of 5 gems
Blurb: Wyatt Arden thinks he leads a pretty normal life. He lives on a boring, everyday farm outside of a sleepy little town called Ven, doing boring chores for his mom when he’s not in school. He yearns for a chance to enlist in the Imperial Army and bring some excitement to his life, but he’s sure that will never happen. Wyatt soon learns that it only takes one strange dream for everything normal about his life to change. In that dream, he envisions a beautiful, powerful sword, a blade linked to deep magic and even deeper mysteries. The dream precedes an unexpected series of events that lead Wyatt into a harrowing, life-altering struggle for the lives of his friends, his family, and the world as he knows it. Wyatt must face vicious killers, dark schemers, and beings of such great power that their existence was erased from history. His only weapon? The Humming Blade.

Unfortunately, the writing just didn’t ensnare me with this or give me enough confidence to want to keep reading to find out what happens next. I realize that I didn’t read a very large sampling of this novel, but with questionable writing and an ending to chapter one with an inclusion of a letter and a POV of a random cat that confused me, I decided to go ahead and cut this one.

However, I hope you check it out, if the blurb sounds like something you’d enjoy!

2 stars

To Be Continued

44783331. sy475

Title: Petra
Author: Cheri Lasota
Published: April 2019
Amount Read: TBD
Rating: TBD
Blurb: I am the Prima Vita, the only true immortal.

But the darker the gift, the higher the blood price—and I have paid it all.

At the moment of my making, at the turn of the first millennium amid the glories and horrors of Ancient Rome, two men died with me. Both reborn in my immortal blood, one became my lover and the other my enemy. I promised the unspeakable to save Lucius from Clarius.

The bargain, once struck, was simple: die with Clarius once a year to keep Lucius safe for an eternity.

As mentioned before, a full review will come both of these books later, as my interest was piqued enough to continue reading. With Petra, though I was a little confused on what exactly was happening within the story, the writing was solid enough that I wanted to keep reading, until I decided otherwise! Like the others, in this second round, I’ll continue reading until I decide it’s not my finalist or finish it!

Well done, loves! We made it through round one! Check this space soon to see a recap of my “Taste Tester” round and a quick summation of what exactly round two will look like!

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