SPFBO 5 Stage 2: Read, Review, Repeat

Hello, everyone!

As promised, this post serves as a recap of what happened in the “Stage One: Taste Tester” round of SPFBO here at Thoughts Stained With Ink, plus lay out what exactly is going to happen in what I’m calling “Stage Two: Read, Review, Repeat.”

Stage One: Taste Tester Round

If you’ve been following along, for the past ten Mondays, I posted the fates of three different books with each post, cutting some while promising to push others into the next round. It ended up being an even 15-15 split and you can look at any of the results with the reviews for those cut up at the SPFBO tab on the top of the blog header or the individual reviews linked below.

Here is a quick glance at which books made it and which were cut:

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Raymond St. Elmo – The Book in the Bottle
Alexander J Vincent – Children of Mytrea
Jason Parker – Chasing Portals
Christopher Mitchell – The Queen’s Executioner
Steve Turnbull – The Dragons of Esternes
Jude Fawley – Plumbess Seg
Marina Ermakova – Terrestrial Magic
Caroline Thaung – A Quiet Rebellion
Angela Boord – Fortune’s Fool
David Reiss – Fid’s Crusade
Dale Harker – The Farmer
Joel Manners – The Martyr’s Blade
Matt Moss – Alterlife
Noelle Nichols – Shadow’s Hand
Krista D Ball – A Magical Inheritance
Craig A Price – Dragon Sword
Richard Nell – The God King’s Legacy
Kevin Potter – Shadow of the Overlord
Olga Werby – Twin Time
David Perlmutter – Honey and Salt
Emma Shelford – Free Dive
Troy A Hill – A Cup of Blood
Rhett C. Bruno & Jaime Castle – Web of Eyes (which did make it into the second round, despite somehow not making it into one of my ten update posts like I thought it had; my apologies to the authors for this oversight!!)
Peter Thomson – A Walk in the Wild
Marniy Jones – The Seal of Throkar
Simon Clairvel – Journey Through the Innerverse
Mary Fan – Flynn Nightsider and the Edge of Evil
Christopher Clark – The Humming Blade
Cheri Lasota – Petra
Erik Henry Vick – Errant Gods

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Stage Two: Read, Review, Repeat

So, what does the next round look like? Well, I have 15 books I need to narrow down to one finalist. Basically, I’m going to pick each one back up (usually starting over from the 50 page mark to refresh myself) and read until I’ve either decided it’s not going to be my finalist or I’ve finish it. To be clear, just because a book made it to the second round does not mean that I’m guaranteed to be reading it to completion. When I know a book isn’t going to be my finalist, I’ll stop reading. But I’m hoping that won’t be the case for at least a handful of these books, making my finalist choice really challenging!

I’ve already made some pretty good headway, reading seven out of the fifteen books I have left already, two of those to 100% completion. Since I’m unsure how many of the remaining novels I’ll also end up reading to completion, I think I’m going to hold on off on reviews for now until hopefully I wrap up the other eight, so I know how many I’ll be doing mini reviews for and how many fulls (I’ll do mini reviews in batches for those I didn’t finish up to completion and full, stand-alone reviews for books I read 100% the way through), eventually narrowing it down to my top three semi-finalists! Then, I’m hoping to announce my finalist by December 15th, but you’ll have a lot of notice before that. 🙂

So, that’s where I’m at! Thanks for following along the journey and I hope you’ve already found some gems within this batch to read, support and enjoy! Let me know in the comments which of these books you’ve read and which you’re excited to read! I’m excited to continue onward towards my finalist!

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8 thoughts on “SPFBO 5 Stage 2: Read, Review, Repeat”

  1. Things are progressing! I loved Fortune’s Fool and I hope you will too 🤞

    Just to clarify, you’ll post mini reviews of those books that you DNF, and full reviews of the ones you did, thereby revealing your semi-finalist batch? Maybe I haven’t had enough coffee yet but I got myself confused as to whether we’ll find out who has made it past stage two. Time for more coffee ☕☕

    Happy reading! Can’t wait to find out more!

    1. I am very excited to continue reading Fortune’s Fool! I’ve enjoyed it during the first round!

      Yes! So basically, I’ll start posting the mini reviews for DNF books, then move on to full reviews (which will also be for books I’ve cut, despite reading them to completion) UNTIL we get to the last three, which will be my semifinalists! Then, I’ll review each of those and reveal the winner!

      Thanks for reading! ❤

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