Random Musings

Losing My Vantage Point

Hello, loves. This is something I've been wanting to write about for a while, but it just hasn't happened yet. Recently, I've been a pretty bad depressive rut. I've lost a lot of motivation to do...anything, really. I'm back to hating my body, after I stopped working out and lost all the progress I had… Continue reading Losing My Vantage Point


SPFBO 5 Taste Tester Results: No 10

Hello, lovelies! Happy Monday! And we've finally made it! After ten weeks, this post serves as my final taste tester post, where I announced which books made it after my 50-page sampling to get a feel of each novel and which didn't--an even, 15-15 split, believe it or not! To the last two to have… Continue reading SPFBO 5 Taste Tester Results: No 10

Writing Posts

Hey, Querying Writer: This Is For You

Hey, querying writer. I see you. You've spent so long pouring your entire being into this manuscript, into your story, this precious piece of you. You had nights where the words flowed, your keys onslaught, your fingers cramping against the white-knuckle hold of your pencil as you struggle to keep up with the flow of… Continue reading Hey, Querying Writer: This Is For You