Bookish Breakdown

Bookish Breakdown No 12: December 2019

Hello, lovelies! So, remember how I said November was a month and I thought December couldn't be any more ridiculous than that? Well... I went to the NaNo after party for my local writers group and I think I might still hang out with them and I'm super excited about that! I started my new… Continue reading Bookish Breakdown No 12: December 2019



Title: Threadbare Author: Elle E. Ire Published: August 2019, DPS Publications Blurb: All cybernetic soldier Vick Corren wanted was to be human again. Now all she wants is Kelly. But machines can’t love. Can they? With the computerized implants that replaced most of her brain, Vick views herself as more machine than human. She’s lost… Continue reading Threadbare