Title: Threadbare
Author: Elle E. Ire
Published: August 2019, DPS Publications
Blurb: All cybernetic soldier Vick Corren wanted was to be human again. Now all she wants is Kelly. But machines can’t love. Can they?
With the computerized implants that replaced most of her brain, Vick views herself as more machine than human. She’s lost her memory, but worse, can no longer control her emotions, though with the help of empath Kelly LaSalle, she’s holding the threads of her fraying sanity together.
Vick is smarter, faster, impervious to pain… the best mercenary in the Fighting Storm, until odd flashbacks show Vick a life she can’t remember and a romantic relationship with Kelly that Vick never knew existed. But investigating that must wait until Vick and her team rescue the Storm’s kidnapped leader.
Someone from within the organization is working against them, threatening Kelly’s freedom. To save her, Vick will have to sacrifice what she values most: the last of her humanity. Before the mission is over, either Vick or Kelly will forfeit the life she once knew.

This was such a wonderfully interesting and emotional read.

Full disclosure: this novel first got on my radar because it’s by an author represented by Naomi Davis, a friend of mine who I make a point to try and read at least one book by as many of her clients as possible, to help support both her and them. But honestly, even if Ire wasn’t a client of Naomi’s, the description of this novel definitely would have still caught my interest. I was also lucky enough that my library approved of my request to purchase this novel, so now so many others in my community have the chance to read this one, too!

And wow, should they.

This just hits you right in the feels and doesn’t let go, friends.


I also suck and it’s been a few weeks (months) since I read this book, so the finer details I can’t recollect while writing this review (I’m sorry, I am so behind on reviews!).

But I do distinctly remember how this book made me feel: like someone had slipped inside and gripped my heart and was slowly, ever so slowly squeezing harder and harder, daring me to keep reading and risk it bursting or breaking (and it did, just a little bit, especially at the end). I remember starting the book one night before going to bed and then looking down and seeing that I’d read half of it in one sitting and my chest was sore and I was desperately fighting for their love to work. But how was it going to when SPOILER and then SPOILER?! I just didn’t see a way.

When I finished the novel, I just felt heavy, but in a good way, if that makes any sort of sense. You connect with these characters instantly, you feel for them constantly and you just don’t want to let them go.

Luckily, Patchwork comes out in April of next year and I am so ready to read and see what happens next!

I also really enjoyed the sci-fi elements that were brought into this novel and how we get to see our group of characters grow and evolve. I also really enjoyed the way it was written, with the dual perspectives and timelines, and how they come together in the end to give you a full picture. I love it when an author can do that. The ending was brutal, though. Fantastic and brilliant, but remember that heavy feeling I mentioned? Oof, it took me a couple days to recover from that one.

All in all, this was a really enjoyable, emotional read that I would recommend to anyone who likes light sci-fi, badass, multi-faceted women, lesbian romance and a fun group of dynamic of characters to grow attached to!

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