Bookish Breakdown

Bookish Breakdown No 12: December 2019

Hello, lovelies!

So, remember how I said November was a month and I thought December couldn’t be any more ridiculous than that?


  • I went to the NaNo after party for my local writers group and I think I might still hang out with them and I’m super excited about that!
  • I started my new job!
  • And then, a week later, I caught a viral infection the same week literally half of my office went out with the flu, so I missed my entire second week of work!
  • My paycheck got messed up and I ended up missing half a paycheck and will be getting.paid.a.month.late.
  • Then, I had one more week at work before I went on vacation and was behind on everything, so CUE HECTIC PANIC.
  • Had a dinner party with two friends I made from the library this past year and it was really, really lovely.
  • WENT ON VACATION. *throws balloons* My boyfriend and I traveled to NC to visit family and it was just so wonderful and amazing. Oh, and it was 65 degrees on the regular. In December. o.0
  • Speaking of, MY SISTER GOT ENGAGED on said vacation trip! I was not told beforehand, so I was just as surprised as she was and I am just so excited she found her perfect match! I’m quite excited to help her plan a wedding and help her start off her forever next year!

So, December was one hectic month, let me tell you! After we drove 14 hours overnight to get back home, we spent the past two days in a weird haze of cleaning, unpacking, sleeping, grocery shopping, playing with our dearly missed pets, paying bills and generally getting prepared to return to work again (which neither of us are there, even still). Though the vacation was lovely, I missed blogging. I missed writing and reading and editing and basically just pursuing my passions. So I’m excited to do all of those things again!

For me personally, however, I also know that, now that the holiday season and magic are over, seasonal depression usually hits for me hard until spring. I am hoping to combat that this year by creating a new routine, filling my weekends with events and people that make me happy, get back into lifting and making reading and writing a priority, because I always feel the most whole when those are major parts of my life. I am hoping it won’t hit too hard, but considering I was a wreck most of the day today, well…it looks like I’ll have my work cut out for me.

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What I Read

So, despite only having a month left in the year and only being three books behind my Goodreads reading challenge, I apparently read NOTHING THIS MONTH?

Yeah, remember that ^^ November reading slump? It carried over into December, too. Oops.

So, instead, let’s take a quick glance at what I managed to read this year, since I definitely have a slump to break come January!


I’m a bit bummed that I ended up not making my reading goal, even though I totally could have and easily should have, but at the same time, I read some really incredible books this year and I am very happy about that. And I’m even more excited about my plans for next year, thanks to a certain ReadaThon I’ll be officially joining come Friday’s post, so stay tuned…

What I Hauled


**Nothing this month**

Library Snags:

**Nothing this month**

Received for Review:

**Nothing this month**

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What I Posted

In this section, I like to share posts that I personally wrote this past month that I either really enjoyed writing, am really proud of or wish might have gotten a little more attention.

→I don’t really have any from this month thanks to Life™, so hopefully I will be able to post much more in 2020! A friendly reminder that I do plan to post three times a week instead of the five-six I was doing (with tentatively planning to post on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays), so I hope you’ll stick with me on this journey as I continue to use this blog as my outlet, even if it’s a little less than what you’re used to. 🙂

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Posts I Enjoyed

Curious what blog posts I really enjoyed around the blogsophere this month? Check them out here:

→ Guess who also didn’t blog hop at all thanks to Life™? Yeah, none of us are surprised about this one, but I am very excited to get caught up and continue interacting with you all!

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Well, that’s a wrap for not only this month, but also this year AND this decade (!!). This post definitely feels anti-climatic compared to all of that and it’s a bit weird to think that 2020 is, at the time of this post going live, only two days away. I have a lot of hopes and a lot of dreams to chase–not to mention some battles to fight and demons to conquer.

Thanks for being with me as we round out another month, another year, and welcome a new page. signature

12 thoughts on “Bookish Breakdown No 12: December 2019”

  1. On the bright side, even though you had an extensive reading slump, you read as many books as I did, who read all year round – so when you’re reading, you’re READING! Here’s to a fresh start in the new year, less reading slumps, and more good times!

  2. Ah your December has been filled and I’m happy to hear you got to travel a bit and had a great time! I’m sorry about the flu though and hope you’re all better now and that seasonal depression won’t hit you too hard. I’m on the same boat, three months to go and January’s always the worst for me. I’m always here if you need, sending you lots of love and hugs ❤

    1. Yeah, sickness always sneaks up on me at least once or twice a year, so I think I was due. 😛 And it’s no joke about seasonal depression this time of year (and I know you know all about that and I hate that for you, love). But there is light and hope and warm at the end of this tunnel and WE CAN DO THIS. ❤ xx Always here for you, too!

      1. yes yes, we really can do this, I believe in us. ❤ daylight already lasts a tiny bit longer ever day, I hang onto that ahah ❤

      2. Oh, I am jealous of that! It’s dark by the time I get home from work! *cries* But we’re getting there, closer and closer, day by day! Soon we’ll be complaining about sweating and how hot it is. 😛

      3. It’s dark by the time I get home, too, but it’s not ALL dark when I get out of work an hour earlier so…. I’ll take that for now hahaha 😛
        AND YES the complaining never stops hahahahaa 😛

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