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Collecting Backlog Stars for #StartOnYourShelfathon!!!

#StartOnYourShelfathon: A 2020 readathon hosted by the quiet pond. read your unread books and collect stars!

I am totally joining the #StartOnYourShelfathon that CW @ The Quiet Pond is hosting (who also made that awesome graphic above)! I am, um, horrible at readathons, even the year-round ones that I have signed up for in the past (and I am so, so sorry), but I am damned and determined to stick with this readathon, for a couple of reasons:

  1. When CW first talked about it on Twitter, I definitely freaked out over it, because the amount of books I need to read that I just haven’t gotten around to is positively mind-blowing and making this a priority is going to feel amazing!
  2. I have also been experiencing a lot of stress as a book blogger recently, in terms of how behind I am on ARCs, how many books I own that remain unread and how behind I am on everything else, so I think this readathon will really help me manage the guilt, while still giving me some flexibility to be the mood reader I have always been (since, you know, I have…a lot of books to choose from off my shelves).

So, what goals do I have? I’m so glad you asked!

  1. Read ALL THE UNREAD BOOKS that I currently own on my bookshelves.
  2. I will still be accepting ARCs from Orbit Books, who I have a working relationship with. I will be keeping my request form CLOSED for the entirety of 2020, however. I have a lot of authors who I promised reviews and reads that did not happen last year, and I want to honor their patience by not adding more to that load. I will still allow myself to check out books from the library, though (especially when they continue a series I am trying to read through that I own).
  3. If I DNF a book or decide I actually don’t want to even start a book I owned, I will put it away in a box and either donate them all at the end of the year or host a giveaway!

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Hopefully, I’ll be able to complete this! I miss reading, but not only that, I miss reading regularly and reading what I actually want to read, instead of always chasing the new release and ignoring all my backlog beauties.

With that said, I was hoping to get an actually tally put together (and perhaps even a list) of all the books there are, which required me to put together an inventory. And for the first time ever, I’m using the incredible Kal from Reader Voracious’s book blogger spreadsheet and I seriously cried when I first opened it and started using it. It’s exactly what I need and so incredible and thorough and I just really, really love it and am entirely blown away by it! So thank you so much for making this and sharing it, Kal. It’s already been life changing and I’ve only been working on putting it together for a week. ❤

That said, I definitely haven’t finished filling out that template like I hoped I would in time for this post, so I am sorry about that! I am thinking it’s going to be a nice 150-200 book range, which is…a lot and way more than I’ve ever read in a year. Do I realistically think I can read literally all of them? Honestly, probably not? Am I going to shoot for it anyway? You bet!

Anyway, I’m SUPER excited to participate in this readathon! I actually have a couple more I’m joining (I know, who am I?), so check back here this week to see the and announcement post for the rest of them! And may we all read our favorite books in 2020! signature

5 thoughts on “Collecting Backlog Stars for #StartOnYourShelfathon!!!”

  1. Awesome idea for a readathon! (I don’t think I’ll ever stop reviewing Orbit books either!) I’m trying harder to be more selective about my ARC reads and at MOST allow 4 per month. That’s still a lot of ARCs, but since I’ve been averaging 6 reads a month, that allows me up to two backlist reads on top of new shinies. ARCs are how I afford staying on top of new releases, so I don’t know that I’ll be giving them up any time soon, but I definitely have PLENTY of backlist books I need to read….

    1. Yes, exactly! And as I was starting that book inventory, I realized the *ONLY* way I own any new books (practically) is through Orbit and I love their books too much to stop working with them, especially when that is such a blessing in and of itself. But I’d also love to really try hard to start reading other backlog books, so I’m hoping this goes well!! I love your process too, though, and I think you have a great system that allows you to diversify your reading and does both ARCs and backlogs!

    1. Yeah, I definitely have a couple of books that I’ve “read”, but if I want to read the sequels that I’ve never read, some rereads are seriously in order, so I basically just need to read forever, I guess. 😛

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