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I Have…Stats?!

Hello, lovelies!

As some of you might know, I have been using Kal @ Reader Voracious’s AMAZING book blogger template for the first time this year and it is so incredible, I could cry a little bit. I’ve always wanted to be the type of blogger to be able to provide statistics and fun charts and graphs showing off some of those details, but I’ve never been talented enough to figure out how to do any of that.

Until now.

(Well, I’m still not talented enough, but Kal is and through using her book blogger template, I have some fun charts that show off some details!)

So, I just thought it’d be kinda fun to share some stats at the beginning of the year and then do a comparative post at the end. 🙂


Books Owned: 248

Books Read: 104

Books Unread: 143

Owned Books vs. Read

Obviously, I have a lot of books I need to read, but I honestly thought this was going to be way more drastic of a difference, so I’m a little proud of that, even though I have a lot I still need to read. And my goal is to definitely have a lot more blue in this chart than I do red by the end of this year. I’m also curious to see how much my “books owned” number increases, since I’m still working with both Orbit and Titan books, I have a couple of books I know for sure I want to buy and then I always ask for books during the holidays.

I’d also like to see if I can get even more specific with this breakdown and figure out the ratios of gender (male, female and non-binary), race and diversity rep within the books I’m reading, to make sure that my bookshelves are supporting more than just cishet white men. I’d also like to break down books by genre, age range, page length, etc., just because I’m curious to see what my averages and numbers are in those realms, too!

ARCS: 104

ARCS Read: 37

ARCS Unread: 67

ARCs Read vs. TBR

Oof, this one is a little more rough and a priority this year is to DEFINITELY get a lot of these ARCS (and author gifts, which does mess up the numbers here just a smidge) read, because I want to stop feeling the guilt that I carry around all the time when I’m reading a book that isn’t an ARC and I owe it to the amazing publishers, authors and agents who have sent me these books in good faith to read and review them. Especially since I’m confident I’m going to love 90% of these!

So, if you are one of those people, thank you for trusting me enough with a book that’s important to you. I’m sorry I’ve dropped the ball a little bit and haven’t managed that trust very well so far, falling so behind. But I promise to work to improve and do better, going forward, and appreciate your understanding so much!


Follower Count: 672 (!!)

Annual Site Stats:

Year Total Posts Total Comments Avg Comments per Post Total Likes Avg Likes per Post Total Words Avg Words per Post
2012 14 7 0.5 2 0.1 15,048 1,075
2013 20 12 0.6 0 0.0 19,615 981
2014 13 14 1.1 15 1.2 18,556 1,427
2015 24 29 1.2 67 2.8 35,631 1,485
2016 97 518 5.3 674 6.9 114,320 1,179
2017 169 659 3.9 1,085 6.4 118,137 699
2018 205 751 3.7 1,506 7.3 171,186 835
2019 177 1,680 9.5 3,126 17.7 170,405 963
2020 3 19 6.3 50 16.7 3,935 1,312

This chart is seriously mindblowing to me (and this one, I stole off of the WordPress stats section of my blog, whereas the previous two came from Kal’s template!). One, that I’ve been blogging since 2012. I am practically a dinosaur. Two, it’s just incredible to see how much my blog has grown, especially as I’ve put more time into it and really made it not only a priority, but something that I’m proud of and my little corner of the internet that truly feels like home (also, can we just look at how, since 2016, I have consistently written fantasy-sized-novel-levels of words every year? What am I?).

I think this year, not only would I like to continue to hone my voice and my content, but I think it’d be really neat to reach 1,000 followers (which is asking for a lot, I realize!). Especially since I also need to go through and clean out the bot followers and whatnot. But more than that, I just want to continue being more engaged and more supportive within the community.

And I think those are the stats I have so far! Is there anything else you’d like to know about my book collection or my blog? Let me know in the comments below! Here’s to a year of lots of reading, growth and new adventures with charts and numbers! 🙂

Cheers.post signature

9 thoughts on “I Have…Stats?!”

    1. Awww, Lucy, thank you so much!! And wow, WELCOME!! We’re so happy to have you! *throws balloons* It’s a really wonderful community to be a part of and it’s even stronger now that you’re a part of it! 🙂 Excited to read some of your posts!

  1. Ah seeing a post like this makes me so happy and it’s so heartwarming and beautiful and AMAZING to see how much you’ve grown and just the amount of WORDS WRITTEN for your blog is ASTONISHING. This makes me want to check out my numbers, too, oh I’d have written so many books by now if my blog posts were books hahahaha 🙂
    I hope that 2020 will be a wonderful blogging year to you, Nicole ❤ ❤

    1. I was honestly floored when I saw all of those words (but, it also totally makes sense, because my blog posts usually average over a thousand words…brevity, who is she?). I’d be SO curious to see what your numbers were, because you always write such amazing content, so I bet they reflect the work you put into your blog!!

      I hope it is an amazing blogging year for us both! ❤ Thanks for always being there and being so wonderful!!

      1. I really need to check these numbers and talk about them someday, need to find them in all the stats ahah ❤
        And of course, thank YOU for being here, I'm just so happy we met ❤

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