Bookish Breakdown

Bookish Breakdown No 13: January 2020

Hello, lovelies!

Well, 2020 has…started.

Honestly, it hasn’t started off as great as I wanted it to. I dunno what sort of great beckoning changes I expected to happen in the span of 31 days, but life sorta just…kept on moving on as normal. The government is still completely fucked up and corrupt, depression (especially seasonal) continues to rear it’s ugly head and it’s still too damn cold out.

But, despite those things, there was some good this month, too:

  • I started getting into the swing of my new job and I’m really excited about how much I love it and how great it is to have a day job that has a sense of accomplishment!
  • I celebrated four amazing years with the man I love!
  • I got to see some friends after WAY too long!
  • The Chiefs are going to the SuperBowl! *explosions of confetti*
  • I celebrated a high school best friend’s baby shower and it was SO great to see her and celebrate her little one!
  • I met up with my Tolkien Society group after missing some meetings and one of my best college friends came, too!!

So, despite being a little more down this week than I have been in a while, it hasn’t been a horrible month, truth be told. I know I need to be a little more forgiving of myself, a little more accepting of myself and have a little more belief in myself.

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What I Read

A Sea of Broken Glass by Sonya M. Black [RTC]
The Blinding Light by Brent Weeks [RTC]

What I Hauled


**Thank you so much to Titan Books and Orbit Books for these ARCs!!**

Light of Impossible Stars by Gareth L. Powell
The Shadow Saint by Gareth Hanrahan

Library Snags:

**Nothing this month**


Arabella of Mars by David D Levine
An Alchemy of Masques and Mirrors by Curtis Craddock
The Sword of Kaigen by M.L. Wang
Oathbringer by Brandon Sanderson

Received for Review:

**Thank you so much to Mike for a copy of this book! I can’t wait to read this entire series!**


Valley of the Free by Michael Sliter


**Thanks a thousand to MARIE, the loveliest human on the planet, for this amazing surprise!!**


To Kill a Kingdom by Alexandra Christo

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What I Posted

In this section, I like to share posts that I personally wrote this past month that I either really enjoyed writing, am really proud of or wish might have gotten a little more attention.

I Have…Stats?!: a post that breaks down some of my stats, which I thought was really cool and fun to do!

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Reading Challenges Update

A new section I decided to add this year, so I can actually keep track of the challenges I signed up for (so I’ll hopefully actually complete them this time around).

2020 Discussion Challenge: 1/12 Discussion Posts

  • I wrote this post about trying to balance time between all of life’s commitments, including book blogging, reading and writing, and how I’m struggling to figure it all out at the moment!

Year of the Asian Readathon: 0/20

  • Considering I’ve only read two books this month (and one was required reading for a contest and another part of a series reread I’m binging through at a very slow rate currently), I’m not surprised this went nowhere. Next month!

StartonYourShelfathon: 0/143 (0/67 ARCs)

  • I’m not counting either of the two books I read because one of them I don’t own and one of them I do own, but it’s a reread. So…yeah, this is going great.

Goodreads: 2/150

  • *cries*

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Intentions Update

Another new section! To try and hold myself accountable, I’ll be sharing where I’m at on the goals I’ve made for myself this year, all of which I detailed in this post.

(Also, I already forgot I had so many goals, so sorry these update posts are now apparently going to be massive. Oops.)

Write two novels, edit one and write for me ✔️✖️

I mean, I did start outlining a little bit more this month for BLOOD PRICE’s sequel (that I’m still planning on working out, even though I might have to go back and do another round of revision on BLOOD PRICE that I wasn’t originally planning), but I didn’t work on it nearly as much as I hoped I would.

Productive Routine That Promotes Self-Care ✖️

Yeah, we all know how that one went.

Six Clients ✖️

I thought I might have had one, but I didn’t end up hearing back from them. But that’s okay! I’m hoping to continue branching out and finding some more people to work with as the year goes on!


*glances up at reading challenges updates and pretends not to notice this goal*

Cook New Recipes ✔️

Though I didn’t make new meals, I did end up attempting grape salad and cooked apples as side dishes (the first turned out okay, but the second was amazing!). I also made Oreo Balls with my boyfriend and they were heavenly, so I’m definitely counting this one as a win!

Cherish Connections and Friendships More ✔️

I started a new penpalship, got lunch with a good friend from work, met up with my best friend from high school to celebrate her baby shower, met friends (including one of my best friends from college who came with me) at the Tolkien Society meeting AND met best friends for lunch and giving Christmas gifts. It was a good month for this. ❤

Less Social Media ✔️

This is good, but I still could do better. Hoping to keep this up and continue to improve this, so I can do things I’m more passionate about, like reading and writing!

Finish Home Projects ✖️

This weekend, I think we’re going to put together the weight bench, which was my home project for this month, so I may end up counting it even if it’s two days late of the month. *shrugs*

Wear My Style More ✖️

Completely forgot about this one, to be honest.

Take More Pictures ✖️

Yeah…I didn’t think about this one, either.

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Posts I Enjoyed

Curious what blog posts I really enjoyed around the blogsophere this month? Check them out here:

→ Honestly, I should just link to Chunk Wendig’s blog, TerribleMinds, every month at this point, with how much I link back to his content. This month, he sets a new writing resolution and I am 100% on board and doing this, too. Oh, and advocating for writing more blogs? Yes, please. Oh, and most importantly: apples.

→Okay, this series just sounds way too cool and though it’s meant to go live this week, I’m not sure I’ll have time to read it, so I definitely want to save it so I don’t lose it: the Blogiful 2.0 series, hosted by Kat @ Novels and Waffles and Tracy from Truffle’s Literary WondersIt’s tips and tricks and tutorials on how to (re)design your blog and I’m so excited!

This post is important. You should read it (hosted by Jason @ Off the TBR, written by Author K.S. Villoso).

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And that is the end of a VERY long monthly wrap up. Thanks for reading to the end scene, friends! Here’s hoping that next month brings warmer weather, more productivity, more appreciation for the little things and more dedication to the things I love. I am wishing you whatever you need for next month and hope we get to chat throughout it! signature

11 thoughts on “Bookish Breakdown No 13: January 2020”

  1. Ugh, I bought Alchemy of Masques and Mirrors a year ago and haven’t gotten to it yet!! It looks so very much my jam, I really want to catch-up. Sword of Kaigen is a definite must-read for me this year!

    1. I had been searching for it everywhere because it definitely seemed my jam and finally caved and bought it online. I’m really excited to read it! I know, I’m excited to read it, too!

  2. Ugh right here with you on the cold and seasonal depression. It’s FEBRUARY and I’m holding onto that, days getting a tiny bit longer and spring being on its way, hopefully, not taking too much time to come either haha. ❤
    I'm so happy that you've been enjoying your job and congratulations on 4 years with your partner, this is so wonderful ❤
    I love that new intention part of the post, it's such a good idea to keep yourself accountable of things. I hope you'll be able to write more and get more clients and most of it all, self care, self care, self care 🙂
    Sending you all the love ❤ ❤

    1. YES. This has been some of the worse seasonal depression I’ve had and I didn’t realize how much I missed the sun until it finally came out this weekend for the first time in the a week! But I am hoping spring comes much sooner than later for both of us!!

      Thank you so much!! ❤ ❤ I'm pretty lucky in both respects!

      I felt bad with how long it made this post, but it definitely did help me reminder all the goals I'd already forgotten and I hope it holds me a little more accountable! ❤

      Right back at you! ❤

      1. ugh, same here. it’s been stormy and terrible and will be all week long and I can feel my mood tumbling down again. it’s so annoying. here’s to hoping we’ll get spring soon ❤ ❤
        Sending you tons of love! x

      2. Yeah, I think we are supposed to get snow again this week? *sighs* Hopefully things will continue to look up and, in the meantime, we’re able to pick one another up!

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