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Introducing My Library Tour Series!

Hello, lovelies!

This is something I’ve seen some other bloggers do and I’ve always wanted to do it myself: highlight my personal “library” and show off what’s on my shelves! But I was never able to do it for a multitude of reasons, including:

  • For the longest amount of time (throughout all of college and most of the years post-college graduation) all of my books were spread out, stuck in boxes either at my parent’s house or in my own home, as I couldn’t afford bookshelves or lived in a studio where bookshelves weren’t an option.
  • Or, once I finally got my library set up, I wasn’t around to take pictures and do the prep work required for these types of posts whenever I remembered this was a series I wanted to do.
  • And…I wasn’t sure if anyone would be interested in something like this in the first place?

But, we moved into a new place this past summer and I have an ENTIRE ROOM that we agreed would become my office/library/my space (and my boyfriend got his own room for his own space, too). And it’s been a dream to slowly put it together and I’m really proud of not only how it turned out, but that I finally, almost ten years after I left my parents house, have a space that is truly mine, where all of my books are displayed and everything is proudly, purely nerdy. And I still wanted to do a series of sharing that.

So, consider this the intro post!

divider 2

Basically, my library is composed of four bookcases, two display cabinets and my writing desk. I wanted to write a couple of posts highlighting each area, showing pictures and sharing stories about certain knickknacks and books, and just letting you all see what my favorite space looks like!

I think the way I’ll lay it out is this:

  • Post One: First Bookshelf
  • Post Two: Second Bookshelf
  • Post Three: Third Bookshelf
  • Post Four: Fourth Bookshelf
  • Post Five: Knickknack cabinets
  • Post Six: Writing space

I’ll prolly try to do one post biweekly, spread them out a bit. I hope you all enjoy it and this isn’t something that is completely boring. I’m pretty excited to try it out!

Also, I do want to say that owning books or collecting them isn’t a requirement to be a book blogger. You can still be a book blogger and not have a hefty collection of books! Likewise, shaming a book blogger for owning a lot of books isn’t cool either, so let’s not do either of those things during this series, yeah?

Let me know if there is anything specific you’re hoping to see! Otherwise, thanks for reading and I look forward to sharing with you my first post in this series here soon! πŸ™‚

Cheers.post signature

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