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Library Tour: Part Two

Hello lovelies!

Welcome to Part Two of my Library Tour! The first post highlighted all my favorite Orbit books and shared an embarrassing amount of books unread. Today’s bookshelf is going to show you how even my own organizational style (by publisher and author) gets thrown to the wind within the library, as this one is my Mass Market Paperback bookshelf, which is only organized by size and author’s last name (er, mostly), not by publisher in any way.

Again, as a reminder: I recognize that the ability to buy myself books, receive books as gifts and receive ARCs is a privilege I’m very lucky to have and not everyone does. I also believe you don’t need to own books or have a huge collection to be considered a “real” book blogger, as book bloggers take many shapes and forms! This is just something that I enjoy personally, so please, let’s keep the comments positive and supportive!

Let’s get to it!

Bookshelf No 2: Mass Market

20200209_162644I don’t talk about it much, but it is definitely a true fact that I definitely am kinda a snob when it comes to bookish sizes? Or, maybe snob isn’t the right word…but I definitely have a preference of size of books I like to read and it is almost ALWAYS mass market paperbacks.

To me, they are the perfect size (even when you’re reading gigantic masterpieces like Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive). I can easily throw them in my bag and take them on the go, I don’t feel like I’m going to get crushed and die when I drop them on my face while reading laying down like I do with hardbacks, they are usually the most affordable out of all the book sizes there are…

I mean, they are just my favorite, so whenever I’m reading books, I definitely try to buy that size. And, since getting a full-time job and being able to buy books every once in a while, when trying to add books to my collection, I definitely try and look for this size first–unless I already have a book in the series in a different size, then I always try and match it. It doesn’t always work out that way, but hey, a girl can dream, right?

Shelf One


This is a pretty good shelf. It has some of my Jim Butcher collection (though I am woefully lacking many of his precious books, thanks to getting them all from the library when I was reading them growing up), plus my growing Tessa Dare section. I am so glad I got over my “ashamed-for-reading-romance-novels-and-loving-them” phase, because I just love being able to collect these books!

Read: 5
Unread: 8

Shelf Two


I took these pictures right after I culled some books and sent them to their new home at Half Price Books, so my dragons got a little more space to roam (I got all of these cuties from a bouquet of dragons my boyfriend got me for valentine’s last year) and this shelf has some more books I really need to read (though I did finally read my first Hobb book and I am ITCHING for more).

Read: 2
Unread: 11

Shelf Three


BRANDON SANDERSON. Goodness me, do I just absolutely adore that writer. I haven’t read Oathbringer yet, but I am so excited to. Plus, Sharon Shinn’s Twelve Houses series is one of my top series I want to reread, because I just loved it SO much when I was in high school.

Read: 11
Unread: 6

Shelf Four


I got my girl Erin Lindsey’s Bloodbound trilogy, one so grossly underrated, I cringe when I realize not everyone has read it and fallen completely head over feet in love with it. Plus, you got Megan O’Keefe, Scott Lynch AND Bec BecMaster here? Talk about an A+ shelf.

Unread: 4

Shelf Five


Some of my Rob Thurman collection! I own all of them, but my friend is currently borrowing them. I also have my Jack Whyte collection that I really need to finish reading. Plus, my very well-worn and well-loved Night Angel series, which first got me into Brent Weeks–which I will be grateful for for the rest of my life. Plus, some “new” steampunk romances I found and can’t wait to read (seriously, if you have steampunk romance recs, I need them).

Read: 11
Unread: 6

And that’s my Mass Market (that also happens to be a lot of backlist) bookshelf! It’s kinda interesting how I’ve barely read anything from my top two shelves, but have practically devoured the last three shelves. Is it possible for me to read every book on this bookshelf before the year is over? Wouldn’t that be amazing! *fingers crossed*

What about you? Do you like to collect books physically? Own any of these or want to read them? Let me know in the comments!

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