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Library Tour Part 4: LOTR Edition

Hello lovelies!

Welcome to Part Four of my Library Tour (how much of a nerd am I that I am so excited this rhymes)! The first post highlighted all my favorite Orbit books and shared an embarrassing amount of books unread. The second highlighted my Mass Market Paperbacks–my personal favorite medium to read in. My third was a disorganized chaos of everything else. And my fourth and final bookshelf is probably the one that means the most to me: my Lord of the Rings, Tolkien, Middle-earth and everything in-between bookshelf.

Again, as a reminder: I recognize that the ability to buy myself books, receive books as gifts and receive ARCs is a privilege I’m very lucky to have and not everyone does. I also believe you don’t need to own books or have a huge collection to be considered a “real” book blogger, as book bloggers take many shapes and forms! This is just something that I enjoy personally, so please, let’s keep the comments positive and supportive!

Let’s get to it!

Bookshelf No 4: Nothing But Middle-earth


Now, this bookshelf is my pride and joy. Everyone who knows me knows how much I adore Lord of the Rings. I have loved it ever since my Dad introduced me to the films as a kid and then, when I realized it was a book series, too?? I was lost and it was one of the best discoveries of my life.

Since, I try to reread LOTR once a year, have presented at two Tolkien-themed conferences, attend a monthly Tolkien Society meeting, have an entire sleeve dedicated to LOTR and have, as you can see here, become quite the collector of anything I can find LOTR related. My Mom gets me something LOTR related every year during Christmas, which is one of my favorite parts about the holiday! And, now that I’m older, I’m hoping to continue to grow this collection–but first, let’s check out the shelves in more detail and show off some of these absolutely nerdy collectables that I’m aquired from over the years! 🙂

divider 1

Shelf One


This has a lot of different collectibles, including two journals on the right hand side that I’ve had since middle school, where I kept my diaries (written in Tolkien’s dwarvish, of course!). Then, a bunch of different art books, a few old collectible calendars, my illustrated edition of The Hobbit and an incense burner you can’t see that I was gifted from our local Ren Faire that has the Evenstar painted on. Since taking this photo, I’ve also added the Witch King riding his Fell Beast Funko Pop and a really cool towel with a hobbit hole on it. 🙂

Shelf Two


Here is a very special shelf. I have my Dad’s old Lord of the Rings copies, which I have since practically destroyed in the number of times I’ve reread them, marked them up for essays and research and just loved them through use. Then, centered, is my omnibus collectors edition a coworker got me so many years ago for my birthday that I just adore. I also have a few of Tolkien’s other stories (including four copies I got from Oxford (!!!) while I was visiting there). I also have Christopher Tolkien’s Histories of Middle-earth, a box set my grandparents got me when I was really young, not relaxing the academic bent these novels have, but it’s one of the most precious gifts they’ve ever given me! And my Nazgul Funkos and Gandalf plushie, of course. 🙂

Shelf Three


Here holds my (very heavy) illustrated versions of Lord of the Rings. Plus, a few more random books I’ve collected, all of the soundtracks for the trilogy in CD form, a set of coasters, a portrait of young Bilbo Baggins from Weta Workshop (oh, what I wouldn’t give to be rich and be able to buy everything from them), my Lurtz Funko and an amazing bracelet my boyfriend’s mother got me that has a hobbit hole inside!!

Shelf Four


The rest of my History of Middle-earth collection is here! Plus, a really amazing bowl with The One Ring inscription around the side, all of the DVDs of the films (both The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings) and a replica of the Deed and Contract Bilbo signed for Thorin Oakenshield–also from Weta!

Shelf Five


Finally, a few more collectables: an AMAZING cross-stitch from a friend and coworker from college, a few magazines, the key to the door under the mountain, some bookmarks and an Arwen keepsake box that Weta sent us after another purchase we made got lost in the mail.

divider 2

So, if you didn’t think I was an LOTR nerd before…ha! I also have more stuff throughout my office, which I am going to highlight in my next Library Tour post! Thanks for letting me share my nerdery–I hope you’re enjoying these inside glimpses of my world!

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15 thoughts on “Library Tour Part 4: LOTR Edition”

  1. OH MY GOD THIS IS AMAZING AND YOU ARE AMAZING. You wrote in your diaries in runes??? You have several things from Weta??? *heart eyes* Thanks for sharing your incredible collection!

    1. Hahaha, I totally did! Remind me to send you a picture from it, it’s hilarious. I’ve been a nerd since I was born, apparently. 😛 Only thanks to my mother, honestly. Though I had planned to raid out their collection when I went to NZ this summer, so…soon, hopefully. Thank you for checking it out. ❤ ❤

    1. Aww, thank you! It was terrifying. 😛 😛 But also, really, really fun! Hahaa, I did, from writing an undergraduate thesis in college. My English degree awarded everyone who graduated with honors a wizard’s hat! 😛

  2. Hi Nicole, I found your blog via twitter. 🙂 I also adore Tolkien, so I love seeing other fan’s shelfies. I like the mix of items you have here, like the cross stitch and the contract. My one WETA replica is Bilbo’s walking map.

    1. Hi Jenna! Whoa, that is so cool that you’re also a Tolkien fan! Ooooh, I bet that replica is amazing! I am just floored with all of the options out there and hope to continue growing my collection!

      1. There is just so much of it, though! Part of me is bummed these films came out during my childhood and all the merchandise was at it’s prime before I had a job; though, my wallet is probably eternally grateful. 😛

      2. Ahaha this is true! I was in grade six when RotK came out and I remember thinking “When I get a job, the first thing I’m going to reward myself with is an Evenstar necklace replica” 😂 (I did not do that)

      3. I did not…vonce I had disposable income, I felt I should spend it on more practical things like books and travel, haha. But maybe some day! I still think it’s a lovely piece…

      4. Yeah, even when I find things half the time, I can’t convince myself to spend the money when I have bills and debt and everything in-between, so I feel your pain on that! Thank goodness for gifts.

  3. This is seriously amazing, oh my gosh!! I also have the Witch-king & fellbeast Funko, and they’re awesome. I told my friend that I wanted something Tolkien-related for a present, and I was in the middle of shouting about the Nazgûl in their early Sauron days, so it was very fitting. I want to get the whole Fellowship someday, too! Highkey impressed with this fantastic devotion to the king!

    1. Thank you so much (and for checking out my shameless plug of this post)!! I’ve been LOTR-obsessed forever, so my family always try to get me one LOTR-related gift for Christmas each year, so that’s how this colelction came to be! It’s definitely been really fun and I hope to continue to collect it–and I just got into Funkos, but I definitely want to get more of them! Having the Fellowship in it’s entirety would be really neat!

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